Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Slings and Things...

 Things for the baby are starting to arrive.  Those that know me well know I am not a shopper!  Amazon is my best friend :) I don't need/want/use a lot of baby things but there are a few things I cannot live without. Number one being my slings.  This time around I am giving the Ergo and the Moby wrap a try. I still have my very old Over The Shoulder Baby Holder :) that I used with Josh and a couple of pouch slings I used with Willow.

Josh was a good sport trying them on for me.  Nothing fits around my waist anymore and I wanted to see them on :) Both he had David refuse to wear the moby wrap...David says it looks like a giant bra lol.

Sometimes it feels like I have a really long time before Rowan arrives and then I start to panic that it will be here before I know it.  4 more months is not very long, especially when I sleep for hours during the day :) I have way to many knitting projects to finish! 

My quest right now is to figure out diapers...I have always used cloth diapers so I am sure I will go that route again.  Especailly since the chemicals in disposables are directly linked to asthma and both David and Josh have asthma.  I don't want to use anything that will encourage Rowan to have asthma.  Plus, I think disposable diapers smell really bad. I am sensitive to chemical smells and I just don't like them.  The "natural" ones are not only expensive but feel like I am putting a paper bag on my baby.  I do use them though when we travel.

So many things I thought I would never be buying again :) 


Stephanie said...

I just used the same ones my mother did--they were inexpensive, and I loved folding them. :)

Also - I have two boxes full of diaper liners... They're made by gerber, and they're like.... sort of like dryer sheets, (only not perfumed, or anything, of course)... they're made to easily get rid of poo. Want to try them out to see if you like them? They're disposable. (They would make diapers a breeze that first little while... wouldn't even need to pre-rinse.)

Teri said...

Sounds awesome Steph! I would love them :) Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I see baby slings but I dont see any baby! :)

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