Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aspen's Japanese Midterm Dialog

Most of you that know my Aspen know that she has been taking Japanese since she was 12. It all started with a love of Pokemon and the Neopets and then Anime and Manga...on and on... She is in her last Japanese class in college now and speaks it quite well.  Here is a portion of her midterm dialog along with her best friend and roommate Ash and his sister Britany.  It is translated below so you can follow along :) Enjoy!


Aspen: Come on in!

Britany: Good Morning!

Ash: We're looking for an apartment.

Aspen: Good morning, oh, is that so? We have some available. What kind of apartment do you want to rent?

Ash: A one bedroom should be good.

Aspen: We have one available, would you like a tour?

Britany: Oh, right now?

Aspen: Yes!


Aspen: This is the apartment, all of the rooms are in western style. But it's not furnished. This apartment is new, and convenient!

Britany; Oh, is that so? How much is the rent?

Aspen: 700 dollars.

Ash: Before us, who lived here?

Aspen: Last month Haruko lived here, but she killed a man with a big knife. There was lots and lots of blood all over the bedroom.

Britany: Ohhh, is it okay to bring animals?

Ash: Oh. Really.....

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