Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, April 16, 2012

Holi Festival of Colors

 Mara and her friend Lexi went to the Holi Festival of Colors at the Krishna Temple down the street from us. They came home all beautiful :)

They had a crazy weekend! Friday night they went to see Blood On The Dance Floor at the Venue, along with several other opening bands, slept over at Lexi's sister's house, came here on Saturday, went to the festival and slept over here!

Friends Forever...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

18 Weeks!...It's A Boy :)

Meet Rowan David Read!   At 18 weeks gestation....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Joshua's Graduation from Sego Lily School April 9, 2012

Joshua Graduated!

Willow and Eli

Becca and me..for all of you that wanted to see my baby bump :)

The D and D gang...Aidan, James, Corbin, Josh, Jerusha and Hannah...(missing Preston, Eli and Ian)

In order to graduate from a Sudbury school, students must demonstrate that they have taken responsibility for preparing themselves to become effective adults in the larger community.  They write a Thesis and must defend it at graduation.  Then a vote is taken among those on the graduation committee and a diploma is issued.  Along the way they have mentors and meetings with the graduation committee. 

James went first with his Thesis...

Then Josh played his video... (see below)

Both boys did an excellent job defending their Theses and the votes were unanimous!

We are all so proud of them both!

Celebration time!

Afterwards it was off to Iceburg for some giant shakes to celebrate with good friends :)

Here is Josh introducing his video...

Here is the video...2 hours of footage condensed into 7 minutes :)

Josh reading his Thesis on Dungeons and Dragons...

We are so proud of you!

Two kids in college and a baby on the way! You never know what life has in store for you :)

Easter 2012

 So my posts are a little out of order :)  But here are the pictures of our Easter celebration...
 Dyeing eggs...we actually had to go buy eggs to dye since our chickens all lay brown eggs :)

 Willow was the only one interested this year... I think she did a great job!
I loved this cute bunny :)

 Easter morning started early with Willow waking up around 7 am...we are so not morning people!  Josh got up around 10 and Mara sometime around noon :)

Finding the eggs in the chaos of remodeling!

 Later that day we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for a lovely dinner and of course an egg hunt with the cousins!
 The 3 younger cousins waiting patiently to find the eggs hidden by the two older cousins...the were evil in their hiding practices :) 

Proud of his evil hiding skills...

I think Warren ended up with some bruises from these competitive girls!

There were about 6 eggs stuffed in the drain pipe :)
Grandma had a basket full of candy hidden in the house somewhere and Willow and Sierra were the lucky ones to find it :)

Hope your Easter was joyful :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Egg Drop Fun

Today was our 2nd Salt Lake Homeschool Kids Club meeting.  We met at the park for some fun in the sun and an egg drop.
We had a circle and introduced ourselves...There must have been 50 of us.
And then the fun began...

All of the kids built contraptions to put their eggs into and then dropped them off the play structure, about 10 feet, onto a bulls eye :)  Some made it, some did not.  It was cool to see all the designs.  There were parachutes and containers with water and in Willows case, floam, wool, bubble wrap and newspaper.
waiting for their turn...

Eli dropping his egg box...

Willow dropping her egg box...

Then to see if they survived...

The smile says it survived :) As did Willow's, Eli's and Degn's...

Until the parachute came out and then the egg met it's demise...thank goodness it was in a plastic baggie!

We were the last to leave the park as the wind and rain started to come.  Willow and Eli were having too much fun :)  So, we came back to our house where Josh got out the boffer weapons and they all beat each other on the trampoline :)

I think Josh won ;)

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