Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Leonardo

 Today for homeschool swap with Dust Fairies and Darwin we headed for $7 Wednesday's at the Leonardo, Utah Science and Technology Arts Museum.  It was really fun!

 First we checked out some elephants in Africa, the pyramids in Egypt, the Statue of Liberty and then tried to look up the worlds largest kfc but it had disappeared!  We blamed it on Area 51 ;)

 This guy was so wonderful with the girls :)

 Then it was off to the lab...which was closed to the school groups and we were grateful! Go after 1 to have the place to yourselves. 
 This was so hard! trying to do a maze in a mirror with pregnancy brain and wild hair!  lol

Then we added to this drawings that will be on display once finished...

Really cool sculptures and paintings all throughout...

Then off to be a got very confused when the girls started doing cartwheels and back walkovers!

 On the green Beach's floating glasses!

Stop motion animation...

Generating takes a lot of power to run those old light bulbs!

Then the girls wanted to find their homes...

Willow sitting on our house...we could even see Maggie in the backyard!

 Learning to walk with prosthetic feet...much harder than you think!

 Back for more stop motion animation...

Love our unschooling life...

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