Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Day that Should Have Been But Wasn't

So yesterday was homeschool swap with Dust Fairies and Darwin and I had planned to take the girls to The Living Planet Aquarium.  I don't have all of my brain cells at the moment (more to come on that later) but I should have figured out that it was Presidents Day from the fact my older 2 did not have school, Misty mentioned they tried to renew their car tags, and I even tried to go to the post office...which would mean all of Salt Lake would be at the aquarium.  But, no, we drove all the way there to find a line out the door and wrapped around the building.  There were no parking spaces left!  The girls said in unison, I am not standing in that line.  I guess for most people standing in lines and battleing crowds is a way of life, but us lucky homeschoolers have many days where we have places to ourselves.  So there was no way we were going to suffer in that line!

So, quick thinking, I thought, we are all the way down here, let's go check out this tropical fish warehouse I saw the other day.  But after driving around trying to remember exactly where it was, we found it was only open to the public on Saturdays  LOL

So, we ended up at Petsmart  :)  They were hungry (I guess riding around in the car for an hour will do that to you) but we needed to kill some time before places opened for lunch.  This sent Mara and Willow on a quest for fish and Beach on a quest for a hermit crab. I found them at one point with all of their money out on the floor counting every last penny to see if they had enough.  Yeah..."girls are you still hungry? Cause we can go eat now" :)  Luckily that worked.  Although we did end up with 3 new fish later (more to come)

After eating we headed home and things got interesting... David sent me flowers :) The girls answered the door and came running upstairs with these "Who is it from, who is it from" :)  So sweet!

Mara and I worked for an hour on her Driver's Ed homework...don't even get me started.  Seriously, one of the questions was " When you come to a stop sign what do you do?" ....Really?

Then the long awaited package from Oriental Trading came with every monster themed item you could think of :) Which meant we had to open them all and get everything ready for the big party on Friday :)

stuffing the pinata...poor monster Willow said "he is my best friend, until Friday when we slaughter him"...should I be worried?

these are cute :)

Then Misty came and we sent her home with a cupcake for her Birthday (February is a popular month!) and Willow and I got to work on  "Pin the eye on the Monster", Monster warning signs, monster feet, and Monster Bean bag toss...

Josh and I headed to Khols for some new clothes.  Namely, a couple of outfits for his senior pictures :)  He is graduating in April and so I am rushing to get it all done.  Life is so insane right now! He was not happy about having to change clothes at the photographer...he thought that was so weird...honestly, it kind of is, but it is an excuse to have his picture taken :) We did it with Aspen and were so glad we did so he gets to be tortured too...this is a total fake smile...

After dinner, David, the girls and I headed to Petco to check out the fish.  Mara and Willow have picked out 3 goldfish that will be joining us tonight.  Our tank needed a few things to get it ready and it needed to sit for 24 hours before they could be put in it. They are so excited.  According to Willow, one of the fish they have picked out has an attitude :)

Needless to say, I was in bed by 9!

Just another day around here :)

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