Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Biggest Surprise of our Lives!

shock. That is the only word for it...yep, shock.
you see, this isn't really possible, but yet it is happening. What is happening you ask..well, I am pregnant. (get it...pickles and ice cream  :)

yeah, you read that right, pregnant.

yes, I know. My children are 21, almost 19, will be 17 and 9...yes, I am 40!...but I am miraculously pregnant.

I think the fact that I vomited while driving down 33rd south one day would have been the dead give away. I don't vomit unless there is something majorly wrong.  Thank god my children never throw out their trash in the car.  I was able to grab a cup before it was too late.  I never want to experience that again!

Impossible, seriously.  I don't even have all my body parts.  I was told it was very unlikely that I would have anymore children after an ovarian tumor took my left ovary and fallopian tube when Willow was 18 months old.  And to top it all off I have PCOS. Yes, I know I have 4 kids, but my PCOS did not flare up until Mara was 4 and explains why there is an 8 year gap between Mara and Willow. There will be a 9 year gap between Willow and this baby.  I wonder if I will get the same weird question I did with Willow "Same father? " who asks that? David was already asked if it was the same wife! But seriously, my chances of conceiving normally at my age and with my conditions were less than 1%.

But, throw in some alternative medicine and energy work and walla! I am a poster child for having PCOS and getting pregnant with acupuncture...or maybe it was the gluten free diet...or all the Insulite Labratories supplements...or the cranial sacral...or lymphatic massage...or interval training...whatever it was or combination worked. 

I have known since 1/7/12 but decided not to announce it to the world until we were through the first trimester.  I think I was just in such shock that I did not believe that it would stick. I am due on August 29th (much to Mara's dismay. Her birthday is the 26th and she does not share well with others ;) )

I took 3 home pregnancy tests over that first weekend.  I was in such shock and denial. Then on Monday, I had it confirmed at the Dr's office and on Tuesday, had an ultrasound too see exactly how far along I was.  It measured at 6 weeks 6 days. I was a little worried that my Friday night date night activities and soaking in the hot springs had done the baby in, but the Doctor put those fears to rest :)

We decided to tell the kids because I wanted them to know first and we had to share with several people as future plans were now being affected.  I nailed it as to what their responses would be:

  • Aspen just started laughing and couldn't stop.  Then she said "it won't even know me :( "  That sounds like a certain Grandma that I know ;)
  • Josh (my hater of any drastic change) said "what? noooooo" "it will want my things, especially if it is a boy because my things are cool and shiny"
  • Mara "wtf" that is weird and gross" and "don't show me that picture it creeps me out" Then she proceeded to tell me she would corrupt it.
  • sweet Willow is beside herself with joy.  She has apparently always wanted a baby brother.  Well, we will see...she may get a sister :) She is in the process of picking out names...things like zipper, board and names from the many level 1 world of warcraft characters she has created...I already told her, it will have to be a tree, we have to keep the theme going :) Although, I think we are running out of trees that I like... No David we are not naming him Elmer for Elm!

And so the journey begins. You never know what life has in store for you... 5 kids? least I live in Utah...we fit right in lol

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