Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 Willow is 9 today.  And a Happy, Happy Birthday  it was :)

 Presents and presents...

 The smiles say it all!

I love you Aunt Wendy, Uncle Chris and Jacob!
 Even 6 am "before Daddy goes to work" presents :)

 note to self...setting up tennie tiny parts at 6 am when your fingers don't work is not the greatest idea!
 Pure joy...

ok, that is the cutest :)
After I went back to sleep and then drug myself to the gym....
Lunch with 2 of my favorite girls...a stop at the bank for the Birthday $2 bill, then shopping with all the Birthday cash :) Thank you Nana, Rene, Granny and Grandma and Grandpa!

Dinner at Willow's choice...Texas Roadhouse

Showing off their matching "Mara Manicured" nails :)

Then the "yehaw" Birthday scream, complete with a spotlight and a saddle seat!

 She only likes this place for the cinnamon butter and the saddle.  I swear she ate 10 rolls!

 Then to Baskin Robbons for some ice cream...

 I don't think we can eat another bite today!

We love you some much Willow Bean :)  Happy 9th Birthday!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Knitting For Baby

 I've been keeping myself busy :)  I love knitting baby things because they are small and knit up pretty quickly.  I made this acorn sleep sak and hat out of alpaca...I want one for is so soft..the woman at the yarn store said I must really love my baby to put them in this yarn...I was like duh? I don't use crappy yarn!

I got the pattern for Look at that sweet baby!  I can't wait to put my little one in it :)

Every baby has to have a fruit hat.  I will make him a pumpkin hat too...This was knit with Cascade 220.

Sweet baby bolero from One Skein.  Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton. So soft and sweet :)

And my friend Becca (aka Gam Gam as she would like the baby to call her) is spoiling me rotten with sweet knits and crochets :)
Much, much more to come!

Mara's Knitting

 Mara has taken up knitting again.  She made this cute hat last night :) Now her friends at school want her to make them one.

She also made a wallet for Willow...And one for herself :)
She is making me look like a snail knitter!  Better get busy on all those baby things :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monster Madness Birthday Sleepover

Willow decided to have a sleepover birthday party this year.  She made the invitations... (in bed with me because pregnancy wasn't treating me so well at this time :) )

And decided on a monster theme...
We ordered a bunch of monster themed items and got a pinata :)

Mara was such a great help...she is just amazing...the kid can do anything, really.  She got right to work making the cupcakes for the party :)

Willow and Mara made signs and party is "Pin the eye on the Monster" :)

Of course there were monster feet everywhere!

Chef David was doing his thing in the kitchen :)  Make your own pizza was the request...

She loves her kangaroo from Grandma and Grandpa :)

Friends started to arrive and the fun was just getting started...

Looking sad that they would soon be beating the cut of monster

 Time to make your pizza!

Someone is very happy!

Aidyn, Becca and I made gluten free pizza's :)  Here is Aidyn's monster pizza

Willow and Beach sharing a bacon and cheese pizza...

Time for presents!

Alpha and Aidyn decided to try eating raw jalapenos...not such a great idea...

Thank you everyone for the great gifts! Willow loves them all :)

Then out front for a rousing game of infection...kind of like tag

Mara painted this cute bean bag toss...

And then time for monster's demise...

After trying it blindfolded, they thought they would do it without...

they tried performing CPR but it was no use...

But waiting inside were the masterpiece cupcakes!

Cuties up from the basement and world of warcraft :)

there are no words...

 David mixed up a special brew for these 3 :)...

Photos ops...the bean bad toss turned into this!

 Then we made the dogs do it too  lol...Snowy was not happy...


nice David :)

Becca is just so proud of Eli's transformation...

I love Beach in this photo lol can tell that two of these kids have mom's that work or did work in the new mom/breastfeeding field when this is what they do with mini beach balls while singing a song about breastfeeding :)  one of those children would be mine  lol

Willow's giant card... and sweet little cards :)

 Then at 1 am it was time for bed...She does have a floor in there somewhere lol!

The girls were up at 6 am! My knight in shining armor got up and made them pancakes and bacon and let me sleep in...and I actually did with 3 pillows over my head :)  They had a great time and Willow had such a fun birthday :) 

Happy Birthday Willow!

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