Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Living Planet Aquarium

There are river otters at the Living Planet Aquarium! So, we had to go :)  It had been a long time anyway.  Honestly, the aquarium here is great for a land locked aquarium, but having lived in Oregon for years and going to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Seattle Aquarium it doesn't even compare. They are expanding and moving into a new space so hopefully it will only get better. But, nothing beats driving to the coast for some Mo's clam chowder, touring the aquarium and then heading down to the docks in Newport to see the wild sea lions :)  This spring, when we drive Aspen's car back to her, I am taking Willow to see all of these great things! It has been 4 years, way too long!

 Her absolute favorite part is the Stingrays...

 These pictures are terrible, but this sweet sea turtle was rescued because he was attacked by a shark and then hit by a boat in the same day! He has air permanently trapped in his shell which means he can never be in the wild again because sea turtles eat sea grass on the ocean floor.  He constantly floats to the top :( He was amazing to see!

 We got to e them feed the sharks...

so, you can't really see from this picture but those little glowing balls on top of the water are eyes from these fish that have 4 eyes and swim near the surface :)

Then it was time to check out the otters!
 They are 3 brothers, about 8 months old and were born in the Long Island Aquarium.  They are so freaking adorable!
 And super fast, so again, crappy pictures :)


Willow wanted to feed the Sting Rays so we got her signed up.  She was a pro!

They are like vacuums and just suck the fish out of  your hand.

Seahorses are always cool :)

We got to see them feed the octopus too! She turned bright red and grabbed the fish.

 The bird eating spider was molting..she is huge!

Willow wants a pet thank you!

 The penguins are amazing! One day we will do the penguin encounter where you get to meet one in person :)

Willow took my camera at this point...

Then they had this guy out.  Willow loves snakes...what am i saying, she loves all animals.  She wants to be a wildlife biologist as of now...

After the aquarium, I had an acupuncture appointment so Willow came along.  The treatment room is so relaxing that she drifted off to sleep in one of the chairs :)  I seriously had a really hard time waking her up!  oh, how I love my acupuncture :)

We had such a great day. Especially since I have been "under the weather" so to speak, for weeks now and feeling the need to get out of the house!  But more to come on that later ;)

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