Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cabin Trip: January 2012

Cabin Trip: January 2012~

We headed up to the cabin for a weekend of relaxation, sledding and fun with our dear friends!  When we got there, we were a bit disappointed with the snow levels but heard that some was coming that night.  The boys "cleared" the drive as much as possible and we settled in with some great food and movies for the night.
Aric the mad snow shoveling man :)

Breakfast of champions!
Sweet Juniper Wren

The crew eating their pre sledding feast amongst the new kitchen cabinets :) 

Yes, that is Willow in the dog crate :)

Snow Suit Up!

Someone is ready!
During breakfast and "suiting up" the snow started coming down.  Juniper was covered!

So much for the plowed drive lol!

we had to melt snow to flush the toilets...the pipes had frozen over. We had plenty of drinking water but started running out of toilet water with 9 people :)

And then the fun began....

Lunch time... Eli made a masterpiece of a sandwich!  He actually ate it all :)

And...Willow back in the crate this time with Snowy :)

Ready for more!

Josh gearing up for a night atv ride...

and then freaking us all out with this...

Lots of dog love...poor Maggie missed the trip because Mara did not want to come so s stayed home and kept her company.

Here are some videos of the sledding fun :)

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