Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Luminous Moon

Last night, Mara, Becca and I went to an Luminous Moon event at Silvermoon Acupuncture.  We had such an amazing time!!  

Vanessa Moon, the acupuncturist, holds these once a month. You get an acupuncture treatment, a mini session with Bobbie Baird of In Body Bliss (massage, cranial sacral, lymphatic draining) dinner, a cute goodie bag with essential oils and other great gifts and then mini sessions with 2 other visiting guests.  Last night Bobbie was sick so there were 3 guests. 

Tara Starling of Starling Beauty did our makeup and talked about expressing your inner beauty by utilizing makeup to accentuate your outer beauty. Tara is the owner of Anastasia's Attic in Gardner Village.  I think we looked hot!!  Mara was definitely the most striking beauty :)

Amanda Manheimer of That Foot Thing, did foot zone therapy (which felt AMAZING!) You can contact her at I could have laid in that chair all night having her work on my feet :) 

Cassie Howard of Full Circle Connections is a certified Archetypal and Transformational Expert.  She helped us figure out 4-5 of the 12 archetypes(personality traits) we were born with. This was really cool! I am a Nature child, Damsel, Artist, Athlete, Mother... I would say those all right on :) She is holding a workshop in January that I would LOVE to do.

I am so excited about next month's event!  Here are the details...

Luminous Moon: Chinese New Year!

January 20, 2012 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Join us for an awesome evening celebrating the Chinese New Year and YOU! Bring a friend and get $5 off, better yet, bring a whole slew of friends and share the love! Space is limited (only 12 seats) so grab a spot while you can! Included with your ticket:

~Acupuncture Treatment, Vanessa Moon of Silvermoon Acupuncture ($40 value)

~ Mini Session with Bobbie Baird of In Body Bliss ($50 Value)

~Dinner ($15 value)

 ~Luxurious Luminous Moon Goodie Bag ($50+ Value)

~A session with 2 awesome guests (Deanna Valencia of Spa Valenciana and Marilyn Sorenson the illustrious hand analyst)

~A magical night of relaxation and joy (Priceless!)

All I can say is that acupuncture with Vanessa and Bobbie's mad skills have seriously changed my life. I no longer have fibromyalgia pain. I have come off one of the medications I have was taking for 13 years for PCOS and I am working on the other one. I am finally at peace with some pretty heavy stuff and I am finally starting to feel human again.  I am back at the,training, training!  I have been on a gluten free diet for a month today!  I feel so great and I love having my life back :)  I finally have hope and see a light at the end of the serious pain, depression, anxiety and serious health problems I have been suffering from.  If you are thinking about acupuncture, do it!  It works wonders :)

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