Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Unschooling Moment

This is a typical unschooling moment in my house... A moment to answer that question that I am asked so frequently.  "So you unschool? How does your child know what she needs to know when she does not know what she needs to know"  Ok, I won't go into what a strange question that is, but you want to know how? Because she has a life, and she lives it.  I don't keep her locked away. She knows what she wants to know just like we as adults know what we want to know.  I don't need to force feed her a bunch of information.

So, you may be wondering what this has to do with Helen Keller.  Well, one day, Willow comes to me and says "who is Helen Keller?" I said, "oh, well, she was a woman that lived a long time ago who was deaf, blind and mute.  She learned to communicate with the help of a woman named Annie Sullivan." Willow said..."I want to learn about her" ...I said, ok, let's go to the library after kid swap.  The very next day Hiking Without Happy Meals  happened had a book we could borrow :)

One night, as I was reading to Willow I asked her "so, how did you become interested in Helen Keller?"  She said, "on the radio there is this song that says...

"Hush girl
shut your lips
do the Helen Keller
And talk with your hips "

I started laughing so hard I could barely breathe.  Ok, those lyrics are horrible and the song (if you even want to call that music) and video are disturbing but you never know what will spark your interest in something.

By the way, this one story has us researching Braille, the Presidents of the United States, reading, sign language, time lines and geography.

Life is amazing!

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