Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

Halloween! Our favorite holiday around here :)  We did not have our huge annual party this year...we all decided we were kind of sad, so next year for sure!

Willow decided to be a black widow spider so we came up with a costume...
She did not want me to sew the legs on for 2 reasons.  One, she wanted to wear the sweatshirt after Halloween and two, she wanted to make some creature out of the legs LOL

It was fun to make :)

I think it turned out pretty cool!

Josh was one of his D and D characters...

Josh and his gang at Sego Lily  :)

I got these cookies for the kids...they were so cute. 

Willow and I made bloody witch hands for out cauldron punch on Halloween :)

It was creepy to open the freezer and see them hanging there!

Then Josh, Willow and I made cookies... Josh was trying to look like a creepy kid from a magazine shoot about sugar cookies  LOL


While those were baking, Willow and I made these cute Witches Hats...

Ready for the trick or treaters!

my sweet Dia De Los Muertos candle holders :)

The cookies turned out great! Willow did a great job with the sprinkles...what is it with her and spiders lately?

Pumpkin carving time!




After the Aviary (see previous post) it was time to celebrate Halloween!!
 Which means Becca and family, of course!

 Willow and Eli helping to put the bloody hands in the of the fingers broke off :(

 ok..this looks kinds gross...the raspberry seeds really give an effect!

 Our famous Make Your Own Pizza Bar!  Sam and Mara taking a break from band practice and candy eating to join us for some dinner :)

 Then it was time to hit the streets...Snowy did not like his witches hat :)

 The scored tons of candy!

I got to hang out with these two all husband carrying that animal bone that Willow picked up from the mountains...

 Happy, Happy!
 Then Aric got off work and we decided to go check out a cool haunted house...he took his pizza to go, unfortunately, we could not take the beer to go ;)

 When we returned, Mara and Sam played a cover of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd...They were amazing!

  Josh, Hannah and James took a break from their all night wow-a-thon to watch some old 1950's movies :)

 And have some milkshakes :)

Then back to WOW :)

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope your day was as great as ours :)

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