Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Homeschooling Happiness

 The plaster project ( see Yesterday and Today post ) ended up turning out great :)  She is quite happy with it and I have a lovely new piece of art hanging in my kitchen.

 The chickens are continuing to give us beautiful eggs :)
 Which we use daily and LOVE!

 Cinnamon Waffles...yummy!
 Willow, the expert egg cracker, learned to seperate the eggs and beat the whites until they are "fluffy clouds"  :)

 She was not too sure about them in this state...

 But the finished product was delicious and that is all that matters right?

 A little bit of room re-arranging...This stuff is headed out to the new playhouse that David and Willow are building next summer. But for now, it is a lovely addition to our "school room".  There is something magical about it...

 It is funny how strewing creates interest... Willow had her friend Alpha over for a playdate on Tuesday and they came to me and said they wanted something and when I asked what, they said, we want to do laundry...quiet pause from me...oh, you mean you want to wash all the doll clothes?  LOL  And that is what they did...

 And then hung them out to dry...

 Along with some help from Proudfoot...

They used this old washing tub that my grandmother used to use to wash in...It seems there is a little bit of my Grandma Rene in all the imaginative play around here. She has made many toys over the years.  I was thinking about her while the girls played outside.  I was inside sewing some bloomers for my Gretchen costume for Halloween (more to come on that later)  I was thinking about my mad skills with sewing and fiber arts and how it all came about with her.  She taught me how to sew at a very young age and now I am passing it on to my children :)  Although, I never got her crochet bug, (knitting is my passion) I did learn to sew by hand and on the machine.

 Crazy chickens...they want inside the house.  No house chickens!

 As Willow and I were setting up her playhouse, I actually saw the crazy amount of dolls and toys I have made over the years...When all of this was in her room is was spread out.  To put it all in one place was overwhelming!  No wonder I don't have many hats, socks, sweaters or scarves for myself... I have spent all of my time making toys!  I do love it though :)

 Homeschool swap this week gave way to great adventure... Check out The Seeds of Little Science over at Hiking Without Happy Meals to see Monday's great adventure!
 Today, it was cold and rainy..Yes, I think the weather is definitely changing and Fall is settling in.  The girls ate their weight in celery today.  I was making homemade chicken noodle soup for all the sickies around here and they saw the celery on the counter to be chopped and started screaming like it was chocolate...Seriously, the large bag of celery from Costco had never been opened and now has maybe 5 pieces left (I did use about 8 in my soup) 

 Our project today was inspired by this guy that Beach picked up at the local thrift store...

I say inspired because ours became original designs..and I love them :)

 The cyclops....

 Happy Girlies...

My bucktoothed lady...

Life is sweet :)

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