Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yesterday and Today

We have had a couple of really busy days! After Willow and I finished the mosaic acorn (see previous post) We headed outside to hang with the chickens. It is meditative to sit and watch them scratch and peck.  That is, until they start pecking you!

 The ladies have been laying like crazy!  We are getting anywhere from 6-8 eggs a day now.  Including, every now and then, a giant egg that wont fit in the carton :) They always have double yolks.


 On Monday's homeschooling kid swap with Hiking Without Happy Meals, Willow found this little friend and brought it home to identify it.  Turns out it is an Assassin bug.  They have a painful bite that can cause swelling and in some cases Chaga's Disease (for which there is no treatment and can cause a lifetime of heart and digestive disorders) So...we got rid of it quickly.  My dear friend Becca over at Journey Amongst the Living, was bitten last spring in Joshua Tree and her lip swelled up and she had to have blood testing for chagas! They are also known as kissing bugs because they like to bite around the lips.  They are also very aggressive and aren't afraid of attacking creatures much bigger than they are :)

Look closely at the grass :)

 After letting the creature free, Willow and I continued our study on time.  She has been fascinated with clocks, calendars and timers for a while and so we built this Greek Water Clock...
 All I can say is that my kitchen floor is nice and clean now and that I am glad we don't use this kind of clock to tell time any more! What a mess :) But tons of fun.  Willow was laughing so hard!

 Then we made paper...well, molded paper. 

 They are drying so in a couple of days we will have molded paper leaves to hang up :)

 Last night we went to the library to see the Yo Yo man. Very impressive! I had no idea there were so many yo yo tricks.

 He knocked a quarter off this kid's ear with a swinging yo yo :)
 And a quarter off his with 2 swinging yo yo's!

 He also did juggling and paddle ball in one hand while swinging his yo yo in the other.  Really funny guy :)

Today is also kid swap with Hiking Without Happy Meals.  The girls and I have been busy!  We made these cute little pumpkins....

 It's really starting to look like Fall around here...

 Then our next project.  We made plaster wall hangings from things we love in nature...not sure if they are going to turn out but the girls had a blast working on them.

Of course we can't work outside without the ladies coming to check us out...

Willow's before the plaster ...

Beach's before the plaster...

  It looked like some of the stuff moved around when we poured the plaster but I think for the most part they will be cool :)

Once they had hardened a bit, I stick in a wire for hanging.

 Then we had to spray down the deck from the spilled plaster and of course that meant water fun on the trampoline :)

Life is sweet...

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