Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Snapshot of Our Weekend...

David, Josh and Juniper headed off for a weekend backpacking adventure with Grandpa and cousin Warren.  (More to come on their fun) Here is a little snapshot of what the girls were up to this weekend...

Friday morning cooking: Yogurt Pancakes.

 Love, love, love fresh eggs from the backyard! :)

So, these were not a hit with the kids but the chickens devoured them :)

A little bit of fun with math...

Two weeks in school took her love for we are going back to the basics..making it fun and undoing what was done. Thank god for Family Math!
 Math is supposed to be fun. It is a game.  Experiencing "teaching to the test" for just 2 weeks was enough to make her question her abilities and lose her confidence.

Girls night! Painting pots for our new window garden :)  Our old garden was lost in the move several years ago and I just never got around to redoing it.

 The professional hard at work...I was glad she was home to join us!  The parade of teenagers that came through the house this weekend was crazy! I am glad she is having fun :)

 Love it!

The leaves are changing... Time to welcome Fall :)


A little bit of science fun...

 Comparing soil samples from our neighborhood and how much air was in the soil.  We are going to be growing a garden next spring so we are learning all we can about gardening!

Life is sweet!

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