Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adventure Friday: Silver Lake

 So, yeah...Willow is homeschooling again...long story but basically, school is school no matter how you dress it up and we believe our children have the right to choose how they spend their time...if it is in a school program than so be it, but when they decide otherwise then we move on. And, moving on is what we did this week.  It was a good experience and a necessary path. But  damn, freedom is so much better!!! This week was "adventure Friday", but starting next week, we will be doing weekly adventures around Utah on Thursday's...Josh, Hannah, Jerusha and maybe Mara (if she is off school) will be joining us!

 So, off to Silver Lake at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon with Becca and Eli we went.  We went lookin for some animals, some fresh air and adventure...
look closely and you can see the male moose's rack :)

These guys were right off the path, amazingly beautiful!

LOVE this photo of the sky reflecting in the lake :)

 Goofy kids having a blast :)

 Chatterer the squirrel was giving us a show :)

 rock climbing...

 The gourmet lunch inside the was pretty chilly up there! A storm was rolling in.  Eli said he felt like he was in a limo :)  Hummus, veggies, brie, fruit, granola bars and chocolate of course!

 After we left the lake, we went over Guardsman's Pass and down into Park City.  Beautiful!
Freedom is a good thing... 

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