Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reading and Writing...

 Willow and I read A LOT of books!  Lately, she has been reading more to me than I have been reading to her. Her choice as of last week...the Fun with Dick and Jane series :) There is something bittersweet to me about my children learning to read.  I have witnessed each of them in their own time figuring out "the code". It is just another growing up moment, where they won't need my help figuring out a word. We have never been in a rush to get this concept. It comes when it is time.  I had a well meaning person tell me once that I was ruining my child's life because she could not read at age 6...that child just graduated from college, majoring in creative writing and has already published a learned to read at age 9, all on her own.  She went from not reading at all to reading Harry Potter. Why the rush? It happens when it happens.
 I am enjoying every moment of her wanting to read to me. I am so lucky that I get to see the process unfold.

I have been reading this series to Willow for a year now and we are almost finished with these magical "Old Mother West Wind" stories by Thornton Burgess. If you have not read these, they are a must! My children love these tales of the creatures of the green forest. We will forever refer to the animals of the forest as "Happy Jack Squirrel", " Unc' Billy Possum", "Reddy Fox"...

With my kids, writing and reading have always gone hand in hand.  When I was putting Willow to bed, I found this bit of writing on the floor...It was too precious and says it all about the day that she had at the Open Classroom.  I think we definitely made the right decision :)

Translation: "Today I went to school and I had a great day and I met some friends When I see them I am happy"

Life is good :)

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Sarah Gibson said...

Cannot believe Willow is growing up so fast. Well, maybe it isn't all that fast. It's just happening. :) She is your baby and she is getting BIG. I am happy for your milestone in her learning to read. Bittersweet. :)

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