Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 Inspired by Josh and his petco cookie, Willow wanted to go get more treats.  I suggested we make them and she was totally excited!  Her best bud Beach came over and we got to work on some kitty and puppy treats...
 The giggliest (is that even a word?) girls I know!

 Working on their cheesy cheddar bites for the cats :)
 These kid sized rolling pins have been the best tool ever!

 I think we ended up with like 300 cat treats :)  The girls were counting them as they went...

 Beach sampling a cat treat...

 I think the girls ate more of them than the cats :)
 Then it was on to making some peanut butter bones for the doggies...

 I think by the smiles on their faces you can tell they LOVED them!  Maggie licking her lips ...soooo cute :)
 After Beach left, Willow and I made snickerdoodles from her If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Cookbook for our picnic tomorrow.  We are going boating with Grandpa and the cousins :)

Unfortunately, by the time I got home that evening from Mara's gymnastics and grocery shopping someone( that someone being Josh) had eaten all of the snickerdoodles! So, store bought cookies for boating it is :) 

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