Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Sunday Hike: 5th Water

Our friends over at Hiking Without Happy Meals, inspired us to go check out the hot springs at 5th water in Diamond Fork Canyon.

It was a very HOT day for a hike!

This place was like a fairy land :)
I was a little worried about all the warnings I read about rattlesnakes so we left 3 very sad puppies at home.  We see them on occasion when we hike, but from what I read online they made it sound like this place was crawling with them.  We only saw one and he wanted to be left alone.

Cutie Mara

We made it and jumped right in!

The water was amazing :)

Willow went to check out the waterfall....

What a free and glorious life!

A lot of people started showing up, so we decided to head back...

We stopped along the river and played for a the freezing snow melt water :)  It was so hot that it actually felt fine

David going in to the deep :)

Willow loved swimming here, she tried to catch some fish but they were too fast!

Another great hike! Josh will want to check this place out.  He was at a friend's birthday party today :)

Poor Willow fell just as we were about to get to the van :(    She has some major trail rash :(

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