Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sudbury School Conference

 Rebecca, Catie, Corbin, Jen and I attended The Sudbury School Conference at The Fairhaven School in Upper Marlboro Maryland, right outside of DC in June.  We all had a great time getting to meet other Sudbury staff and learning about other schools.  I made a lot of friends and I was so inspired by the things I learned. I am so lucky to be a part of this model of education and look forward to all that it brings to our worlds changing educational system.

Me and Becca right after we landed in Baltimore :)
Catie picked us up at the airport and we headed into Baltimore for some dinner.  We thought we would try some seafood, but the place we picked was just "ok".  I ordered ciopinno and it was kind of gross :(  

We made it to the hotel and crashed.  Looking forward to seeing the sights in DC the next day :)
In Front of the Smithsonian Gardens

The Smithsonian

Einstein's lap :)
World War 2 Monument

Vietnam Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

Yes, that is Catie in a tree...
 These are pictures we took after the drove through Washington trying to find a place to park, crossed to Potomac and ended up in Virgina! We had quite the adventure :)

We had a crab feed one night after the conference sessions.  Maryland blue crab. It was an experience :) 

Then we had a bonfire complete with drumming and smores :)  It was so great to see the fireflies come out at dusk!
We played a game of Ultimate Frisbee...we won! :)

Jen gave her Conference presentation and did an amazing job :)

We had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone! Thank you to Fairhaven school for hosting us :)

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