Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Animal Days: May 2011

Willow and I had a date at This is The Place Heritage Park and came home with 6 little ladies :)

It was baby animal days and who could resist these cute little guys?

We had been working towards getting chickens again and so when she started the "oh, please mommy can we" I gave in :)

Of course she also wanted to bring home a lamb! LOL

But, we came home with 6 ladies and then went to IFA to get supplies and got 2 more ladies so now we have 8! They will be laying next month. We can't wait for fresh, free range, organic eggs right out of the backyard!

Snowy was out to get them...

Maggie curious and n left but Juniper stayed right by that cage day and night. She would heard them and guide them back to the cage when they were out. So cute! They would ride on her back and she would lick them clean :)

Their temporary home till the feathers come in...

They are all grown up now. I will post more pictures of the girls and their fancy smancy coop that David built :)

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