Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, July 31, 2011

So Long July: Camping, Wasatch Mountain State Park

On Friday, as soon as David and I returned from Wendover, we hopped in the RV with Willow and Snowy for a weekend adventure at Wasatch Mountain State Park.

Here are some snapshots of our weekend....

David cutting the watermelon that rolled out of the fridge and cracked open on the way up the mountain :)

 Getting ready for some bike riding...we had a lot of fun :)


Snowy  :)
  Making pancakes with Daddy...

Deciding where to hike...

 This little guy loved us :)

 Stopping for a bit to play in the water...

Happy Jack Squirrel (for those that read the Thornton Burgess books...and if you don't they are a must read for kiddos that love wild animals!

Deer Creek reservoir, off in the distance

Willow said she wished she always had a fence like this :)

Totally bummed out! we hiked 2 miles to the hot pots, only to find out that the land was rented out for filming a movie :(  No soaking for us....

Nothing that an ice cream sandwich can't cure...

a few rounds of The Sleeping Grump :)

Sleeping Snow Snow...

That night we went to a ranger talk about constellations, too bad the clouds rolled in and we couldn't see any  LOL

So, we headed back to camp, made a fire and enjoyed some smores...

It was a fun little getaway.  Next trip, Yellowstone!  Two weeks away!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 21st Anniversary

 July 28 was our 21st Anniversary!
 We started the morning with a bike ride to the Pancake House for breakfast with Willow :)

 Then, it was off to Wendover, NV for the night :)
 The salt flats were cool. The mountain looks as if it is disappearing, or that water/snow is spilling over.  It was actually a mirage...It moved with us as we drove :)
 Almost there!
My first impression, was "wow", there is nothing here...where are we?"
Our hotel

our room :)

the view from our room :)

At the pool with some margaritas!

Having so much fun!  We love summer!

Time to hit the casino's and have dinner!

Brunch at The Rainforest Buffet

Snapshots of the "strip"...this is definitely no Vegas LOL

Welcome Home!

We had a great "lucky 21" anniversary ;)  I won $13 :)

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