Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Poor Mrs. Quack

Tuesday night, Willow and I were driving down 500 E to take Josh and Justin back to their "bachelor Pad" when we saw a female Mallard sitting on the side doing the splits. Now, we live right on Millcreek so their are always duck and geese in the roads so I didn't think much of it except her legs looked funny. Well, she was still there on the way back so we pulled over to check on her. Sure enough he leg was broken. So, I called David and he brought me a box and some gloves and we took her back to our house. We put her on the deck in the box and gave her some water. I figured she would fly away if she was not terribly hurt but the next day she was still there. I called around and got The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah to take her. That after noon Willow and I drove her up to Ogden and handed her over. They confirmed that her leg was broken and she most likely had a hip fracture. It will take several months for her to heal but in most cases you will never know they had been hurt. We hope Mrs. Quack is back in the wild soon!

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