Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, September 6, 2010


Joshua is stating his Hi Tech High courses next week. He is taking a class on programming apps and games for the Wii, Iphone, Itouch, Ipad..etc. He is pretty excited to learn how to make games in 3-D space. David is working on creating a virtual Mac inside his PC so that we don't have to buy yet another computer LOL We have 8 in the house already!

He is still playing D and D and loving every minute of it. They are always looking for more players so if you are interested let me know! Wednesdays 11:30-3.

Josh designed a game a while back and has been playing it with his friends...who knows, soon you may be playing it too :)

Joshua wants a job and it looks like after a year of applying off and on he will be back doing seasonal work at Halloween USA. He may go crazy listening to "Monster Mash" being played all day long and have to wear a pumpkin suit and wave to cars but hey, it is a job :)

He is the greatest big brother. He is so great with Willow and she just adores him. I heard her tell Beach the other day "I have an amazing brother" :)

He really wants to get a job, get an apartment with his friend and design video games. He is getting closer and closer to that happening every day. I am watching him and his 6 foot plus friends turn into these amazing young men. When did my little boy grow up? I have to say though, I am loving him being my taxi and errand boy! :)

He is taking a GED course to take the test soon and then he is going to enroll in SLCC or one of the many tech schools offering game design. I am pretty amazed by him and all that he does.

He has been staying over at his friend's house while his friend's mom is away..he has done this like 3 times now..he has has a taste of absolute freedom and he loves it. We call it the bachelor pad. I have seen him twice this week, once when he went to the gym for a trainer appointment and once when we picked him up for dinner.

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