Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, September 6, 2010


Aspen is back in Portland after a quick 10 day visit with us and is looking forward to school starting back at PCC to finish her transfer degree. They start later than most so she has about 2 more weeks of summer :) While she was here, she got her hair cut and I dyed it. I would post the before and afters I took but Mara is in the too and she will KILL me. She says she looks like an oopa loompa and if I post them she will die. So...these are Aspen's shots of herself LOL Funny thing, this is the same color I used on Mara's hair when she was a mermaid..but on Aspen is is like WOW!
She quit her job at Subway and is looking for something else. In the meantime, she is selling soap at The Saturday Market with her friend's business. She has applied everywhere and has had a couple of interviews so lets hope something comes soon for her! I hope you enjoy some of her awesome drawings :)

Aspen's plans are to finish up this Spring at PCC and transfer next Fall to Pacific University as a Junior in the Education Program.

She has some great friends and loves her life out there :) We are lucky enough to see her 2-3 times a year.
We miss her terribly but we are so proud of her and so amazed by her. She is following her dreams and doing what she loves in the city she loves so much.

She published her first book this summer and you can purchase it here:

or here.....

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