Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, May 17, 2010

17 on May 17

Josh's 17th was held up at the cabin..It was 3 days of pure fun!

Here are the events of the weekend...

Present time...we were joking that we could have just taken one picture and replaced the game in photoshop ;)

I have no idea what we were talking about LOL

ok...this is David from my nightmares...No really, you are so HOT!

This was my view at the table...Justin is behind the screen LOL

Juniper you are so cute!

Nerf war time!

We are so cool! We killed the guys LOL
Random camera flashing while Kathy and I were ambushing Josh and Willow...of course we took them!

Tons of fun!

Josh and I took a walk to the lake on Sunday with Juniper...

Gorgeous Day! Still muddy from the hail the night before...

Then it was time for Civ 4...I actually fell asleep in my nest :)

Then we built our weapons!

Juniper just waited...she new fun was about to begin!

David looks a little frightened...

This picture cracks me up :) It goes so well with his shirt ;)

my sword....

Of course, David had to "one up" us all with his mace :)

Then it was time to battle!

All I can say is that it is fun to battle but it does hurt! Especailly Willow...that girl does not hold back LOL

After the battle, David, Kathy, Willow and I went on an ATV ride...we saw deer and a beautiful sunset!

Then it was time to WOW...we were all tethered through our cell phones...the connection was shakey at times but we managed to complete a few dungeons :)

Monday was the big day!

Yes, that is cookie monster :) Josh picked it out ...

On the phone with Aspen telling her about his bad idea of a mountain dew/cookie and creme float...I won't say what it looked like :)

This video is terrible...listen at your own risk!

Then it was back to Salt Lake and out to dinner at GoodWood for some meat!

Happy Birthday Josh...we love you!

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