Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


These things are real in our lives right now...

My children are free to pursue their passions in life. They are supported in those passions not only in our family but in their school. No one is making them "learn". No one is teaching them to pass the test so someone can get money. They are happy, free and successful in life.

I am recovering from a horrendous back injury. I love you my chiropractor!! I have no idea what I did, I just woke up one day and by the evening could not breathe I was in so much pain. The only thing I can think is that running on the beach is totally different than a treadmill and well, my back did not like the transition :) I am a billion times better, back to running and back to life! ;)

We are so looking forward to camping season!! Many trips are in the planning including some getaway for David and I to celebrate 20 years! Willow needs 2 more Junior Ranger badges she says...I guess that means we are headed to Zions and Bryce soon...

Aspen in graduating in June. We are headed to Portland for the whole ceremony, walking, diploma thing. I actually think it is hilarious that she will be in a high school yearbook even though she never sat foot in the High School :) She will have a few more classes to get the AA transfer degree and then she is off to...?... that is still being decided :)

Josh is getting a "new " drivers permit next week since his got washed and fell apart into a billion tiny pieces. This one is getting laminated! He only has a couple more weeks on driving then it is license time :) Probably just in time for his 17th birthday. Gaming, Gaming and more gaming...enough said.

Mara is Luna in The Little Mermaid, opening May 1st at The Academy of Performing Arts via The Masonic Temple downtown :) Call me if you want is a bit confusing right now with the building etc... She is busy as ever with the play, her music and ...err...her boyfriend ;)

Willow is a busy bee. School is her absolute love! Her buddy Beach, Horseback and sudden interest in gymnastics again is her life at the moment. She can't wait for the pool and trampoline to be set up. If this freaking snow would ever leave we would do it! In between anything Littlest Petshop, animals, and girl scouts :) She is bridging to Brownies in June..sniff sniff.. where did the time go?

David would rather be camping...hiking...backpacking...photographing..boating...skiing (did I cover it all Dear?) than working any day. But he goes, he does and we are very grateful that he goes and does. Summer is upon us and it can't get here soon enough. His every other Friday off allows us to take advantage of all Utah has to offer...and with 5 National parks we are busy :)

Me, I am busy..nothing new, just being mom. I love my job, it is the best in the world. I worked at Sego Lily last week, I totally love our school. Had the best time. Continue to lead Willow's Girl Scout troop. Some new opportunities have come my way recently and now I stand at the decision post trying to figure out which way to go with them. More to come on that later :) How's that for vague ? LOL Still love my weekly Mom get-togethers. I don't think I would survive without them. Still playing WOW and thanks to my stupid back injury, I am now addicted to Weeds via Netflix! Only one more season to go to catch up to the current one :)

So we are busy living life. It's not glamorous or all that exciting right now, but it is real. It is where we are and we love it.

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