Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sometimes I Forget That We are the Weird Ones

The other day I was chatting with David about how I sometimes forget that we are the weird ones. We don't follow the social norms of "education" or parenting and we like it that way. I guess we are considered "extreme" in our thoughts but our children are happy and successful in life and David and I have the best job in the world. Sometimes I just go through life, busy as ever and I am blindsided by judgement and questioning. I should know after 20 years of being this "extreme" parent that it is coming but it always takes me by surprise. It is also funny to me that my family is always the ones being questioned. How about if we question you and your kids for a change!

Some situations arose recently where my teens were questioned by their public school friends about how they think they will ever go to college if they have done nothing their whole life...LOL I was dying laughing.. Nothing? really?? They obviously don't know my kids. And they obviously have not seen my calendar! These "well meaning" kids are just a product of the pubic school system so unless you sit at a desk all day filling out useless workbook pages and being taught to take standardized tests you are doing nothing. So sad when you really think about it. There is so much more to life than that desk and school bell.

The other part that floors me is that these kids know Aspen..she was unschooled her whole life and has been very successful in college. The truth is you do not need a high school diploma, act's , sat's etc to go to college. The school system teaches you otherwise.

Also, since when does completing college guarantee your success in life? It doesn't. My kids have the choice to go or not to go. It is up to them entirely.

My children follow their own interests and in that they learn more than any public school kid will ever learn while sitting at a desk all day. Amazing things happen when you are free to follow your own path.

This news clip came up on my yahoo login page today. I thought it was pretty funny. The news is great about making things seem so "out there". The funniest thing to me is the quote about feral children and making children think they are the center of the universe. I am also much more than a "well meaning" parent and my kids do not play "hookie" all day. They don't need to :)

These people are missing the entire point. When you are free to design your own path and follow your own passions, you become very aware of the boundaries that it takes to make that path. My children are far from feral. We just don't believe that authoritative parenting or teaching is a way to truly be happy in life. David and I want our home to be a place of joy not a place of rules and punishments.

I guess I really don't care if someone thinks that how we live is wrong. It is none of their business. I have always been that way though. I am not out to make everyone else happy especially at the expense of my kids. I don't want to fit into your little box. I don't have to prove anything to anyone. Being successful in my book is being happy in your life and creating your own world. We do that every day. Our world may not look like yours and that is ok. You gotta do what works best for you and be happy doing it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Growing Up

So, we were "spring cleaning" over the weekend, getting everything organized and Willow says to me, " I only want to keep the dolls you have made for me and you can stick them in the closet on the shelf. I don't play with doll stuff or kitchens anymore, I only like animals" I was so sad :( I said, "really, you want me to get rid of all of your "house play" stuff." She said, "yes mommy, I AM growing up!"

That you are my little one, but I just can't pack it away...not yet. I realized at about 7-8yrs old is when my others quit playing "house" and she is 7 but it is still heartbreaking. I know she is just moving on to the next phase but it seems to have happened so quickly. Can't they just stay little a bit longer?

Sewing Horses

Willow has suddenly taken an interest in sewing. Her love is horses right now so of course she would want to make one! She even taught one of the staff members at school how to make this horse :) She made this for Aspen for a graduation present. She has big plans to sew some clothes. I guess it is time to teach her how to use the machine.

Troop 2155 Build A Bear 2010

The girls worked really hard this year on cookie sales and surpassed their goals! They chose Build A Bear as one of their celebrations. Of course, it was tons of fun and all the girls got a sweet little friend to take home.

Choosing the stuffed friend and naming it was the hardest part. The girls did a great job keeping to their budget. Lots of comparison shopping going on :)

Then it was off to stuff, groom and dress :) Our party leader, Shayla, did a fantastic job with the girls!

Willow and Madison love their new bears!

Next month we are heading to Bouncin off The Walls for some extreme bouncing and pizza...not sure if those two are a good combo but it will be fun :)

Happy Easter 2010

Happy Easter...umm like a week late :) We had a relaxing day starting with baskets and ending at Grandma and Grandpas for dinner and a concert by Mara :)
Like every year, we do the egg dyeing. It is always the same.."oh crap, go buy some white eggs!" lol

Willow decided she wanted curly she got curly hair! She slept in sponge rollers and then woke me up at 6 am to take them out...needless to say I went back to sleep :)
And in Utah fashion, this was our Easter morning :) No outdoor egg hunts for us. Maybe we are wimps but seeing that just 2 days before it was sunny and warm, the windows were open and we were outside playing...this was depressing.
But the baskets await...
And the egg hunt began...
Mara is camera shy...really?
Can we go back to bed now?
Ok, so the chocolate bunnies had weird eyes...I didn't see anyone complaining about eating them! They were kind of scary though if you stared at them for a while...ahhh life with teenagers :)
Hope your Easter was a good one!

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