Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mummy Class?

This is too funny!

Willow really wanted Beach to come over and play with the puppies.

This is the conversation that went down when Misty (Willow's best bud's mom ) was over fillling out some Girl Scout paperwork...

Me: "How about Thursday for the playdate?"

Misty: "That should work till about 3pm but then Beach has a Mummy class at the museum...unless Willow would like to join us in that I would be happy to take her"

Me: "Willow, would you like to go to the Mummy class with Beach"

Willow: "no"

Me: "ok, so we will just play then :) "

Misty: "Sounds great"


Willow: "I sure wish Beach could stay longer today"

Me: Well, you were invited to the Mummy class afterwards"

Willow: "Why in the world would Beach want to learn about Mommies? It sounds so boring"

Me: DYING LAUGHING!!!!..."no, not mommies...mummies..from Egypt..."


Willow: "Oh! that sounds cool! I want to go"

And she did...she had a blast :)

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