Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drag Show: Pheonix Theater Dance Company

Tonight we had the most fun I swear we have EVER had in Utah! Mara was performing with The Phoenix Theater Dance Company, part of The Academy of Performing Arts. She has the role of Luna, one of the mermaid sisters, in their upcoming production of The Little Mermaid. They were invited to promote the upcoming play at" Drag Show" a fundraiser to benefit the OUTreach Center of Ogden.

I think Josh wants to go to Weber State now :) He really liked the college LOL He said it looked like a castle...sounds perfect for him!

Although he and Justin were very unsure about the show. They ended up having a great time! :)

Mara's group was first to perform and last to perform.

Here are some of the pictures we was hard to get a great one. All I can say is that my hands hurt from clapping and my head hurts from smiling and laughing. We had and AWESOME time!!!

Mara, you are amazing and beautiful as always!!

Passion really liked Willow :) I think she is probably the youngest audience member ever!

Who knew Utah could be so fun??

Here are the videos. Let me warn you now the sound is TERRIBLE! So totally mute your computer :) I guess we should have brought the real video camera and not just the digital one. The speakers were overwhelmed!

The Mermaid Dance:

Backup for Stella:

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Elizabeth G. said...

Mara is very beautiful!

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