Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drag Show: Pheonix Theater Dance Company

Tonight we had the most fun I swear we have EVER had in Utah! Mara was performing with The Phoenix Theater Dance Company, part of The Academy of Performing Arts. She has the role of Luna, one of the mermaid sisters, in their upcoming production of The Little Mermaid. They were invited to promote the upcoming play at" Drag Show" a fundraiser to benefit the OUTreach Center of Ogden.

I think Josh wants to go to Weber State now :) He really liked the college LOL He said it looked like a castle...sounds perfect for him!

Although he and Justin were very unsure about the show. They ended up having a great time! :)

Mara's group was first to perform and last to perform.

Here are some of the pictures we was hard to get a great one. All I can say is that my hands hurt from clapping and my head hurts from smiling and laughing. We had and AWESOME time!!!

Mara, you are amazing and beautiful as always!!

Passion really liked Willow :) I think she is probably the youngest audience member ever!

Who knew Utah could be so fun??

Here are the videos. Let me warn you now the sound is TERRIBLE! So totally mute your computer :) I guess we should have brought the real video camera and not just the digital one. The speakers were overwhelmed!

The Mermaid Dance:

Backup for Stella:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day 2010!

Happy Valentine's Day 2010!

We are off to lunch together and the movie Valentine's Day...other than that I do not know ;)

Willow and I made tons of these "flower" valentines from Family Fun for her school party. Unfortunatly, Willow woke up with a stomach bug on Friday and had to miss school :( So, Mara took her mailbox with her and brought her home a treasure trove!

Poor thing...she was so pale :(

Earlier in the month, Willow and I celebrated by attending a Mother-Daughter Valentine event through Girl Scouts. She made a message board, a recipe holder, bath salts and hand soap with a message of love :)

Luci and Sierra also came along!

We had tons of fun!

There were quite a few people attending :)

After the crafting, we got to eat things dipped in the chocolate fountain...

Girl Scouts is just way too fun!

Lady Bugs

For our Daisy Girl Scout Journey project, we are growing plants and raising ladybugs for a local garden. The ladybug larvae arrived and I "think" they are doing well :) I think there are about 5 in there. Look close :)

Spring is getting closer. I have been able to keep the parsley alive and the girls are looking forward to visiting the garden.

Mummy Class?

This is too funny!

Willow really wanted Beach to come over and play with the puppies.

This is the conversation that went down when Misty (Willow's best bud's mom ) was over fillling out some Girl Scout paperwork...

Me: "How about Thursday for the playdate?"

Misty: "That should work till about 3pm but then Beach has a Mummy class at the museum...unless Willow would like to join us in that I would be happy to take her"

Me: "Willow, would you like to go to the Mummy class with Beach"

Willow: "no"

Me: "ok, so we will just play then :) "

Misty: "Sounds great"


Willow: "I sure wish Beach could stay longer today"

Me: Well, you were invited to the Mummy class afterwards"

Willow: "Why in the world would Beach want to learn about Mommies? It sounds so boring"

Me: DYING LAUGHING!!!!..."no, not mommies...mummies..from Egypt..."


Willow: "Oh! that sounds cool! I want to go"

And she did...she had a blast :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi Tech.... Testing...What?

In September of 2009, Josh started Computer Literacy and Game Design through Hi Tech High. He really enjoyed the game design and "tolerated" the computer literacy. The computer class was really boring and had a lot of repetition.

Josh was one of the first group of students to be a part of Hi Tech High here in Utah and as an incentive to get students involved, they offered $1000 scholarships and a free laptop to those that completed the first term and wrote an essay about it. He was really looking forward to taking part 2 of game design and some other programming classes, but...over the Holidays we found out that the charter school that Hi Tech High was part of was gearing up to change the rules. They were now requiring him to take two core classes with them. If we did not want to take the core classes then we could opt for a teacher assistant and testing at the end of the year.

Core classes...I won't even go there. Let's just say they were VERY religious based.

Testing? really...We live in Utah..we have the best homeschooling laws around and are not required to test at all. I loathe the entire concept of standardized testing. I would NEVER subject my child to them unless they were adamant that they wanted to do it.

I don't think it is fair for them to change mid year like this. This not only affects me as an unschooler but also the other families that use a curriculum or attend part time public school. Apparently they lost a ton of students and were opening the enrollment back up.

I could totally be ok with them finishing out a year of school and then over the summer stating the changes but this is really not cool. Besides, we all know why they are doing this. It is all about money. Who will give us the most money?

The other issue I have...wanna really get on my bad side? Ask for the man of the home when you call, or ask if I am Mrs. [insert husband's name here]. You called MY cell phone dude...not even the home number. He seemed completely taken aback that I would only give him my name and not refer to myself as Mrs. [insert husband's name here].

Ok..I will chill... Josh is happily listing his Netbook for sale..he has no need for it. He learned a lot with his Game Design Class and knows for sure this is the path he wants to focus on.

So all my family and friends, if you want to play Josh's games let me know and I will e-mail them to you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Aspen turned 19 on the 1st!! This is the first year EVER in any of my kids lives that we have not spent the whole day celebrating their births. It is kind of hard when she is away at college :)
She celebrated with friends going to lunch, a movie and then back home for an Anime marathon...not much has changed!

We love you so much! We cannot wait to see you...just a few more months!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Peking Acrobats

Today we went with Salt Lake Home Educators to see the Peking Acrobats perform at Kingsbury Hall. They were amazing! Here is just one of the many videos of their incredible talent.

We are so lucky to be able to see all of the amazing performances as they come through town! Next up is Dance Brazil.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fostering Again....

Tonight we picked up our 2nd foster dog, Kali, and her four, 4 week old puppies. Kali herself is just a puppy at about 1 yr. She is a very sweet black lab and loves our Maggie and Junie!

Willow is beside herself with joy, as you can imagine!

We also have Kiya and Frisco staying with us again so that brings the total to 9 dogs, yes 9 dogs in this house! Frisco could care less about the newest visitors but Kiya is very interested in the babies :)
The kids decided to name them after their World of Warcraft characters :) Mallock, Lylic, Wrren,,and the 4th I can't remember :) 3 girls and 1 boy.
They are so adorable! It is gonna be hard to let them go :)

Sweet Dreams....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Math her way...

So this morning, I awoke to Willow standing next to my bed with a very "matter of fact" look on her face. Of course I am shocked awake every time my kids just stand next to the bed staring at me. What is that? It is like my subconscious knows they are there and even if I am in a deep sleep I am suddenly forced awake!

Here is the conversation...

Willow:"you know how I have I 10 toes and 10 fingers?"

me: "yes?" (with one eye barely open)

Willow: "well, I just figured out if I add the 10 fingers and 10 toes it is 20 and if I say 5 fingers, 5 toes, 5 fingers, 5 toes 4 times it is 20 and if I add just 1 toe and 1 finger at a time it goes to 20"

Me: "yeah...that is pretty cool"

This led to literally an hour of multiplication, counting by 2's and 5's, adding columns of numbers with carrying and place value up to the 100,000 place :)

God I love unschooling. She owns that now. No one made her sit and do boring math repetition. She figured it out on her own by doing the things she loves. I know we will revisit this. May be later today, may be months from now. The seed has been planted and no one can take it from her.
Maybe it had something to do with Junie snuggling to sleep with her last night? hee hee

Now she is off to play with her new hamsters which she has named Max and Coco :) They are doing well and seem to like their new home with us.

February Troop Meeting: Thinking Day!

We celebrated Thinking Day in our meeting last night. This year we celebrated Denmark! Willow got the topic of "food from Denmark" so we brought some rye crackers and Havarti cheese. Most of the girls liked it. Willow LOVED the cheese. I think the cracker was the best part :) Willow made a poster all about the food.

We also learned that Lego's and Hans Christan Andersen came from Denmark, that they speak Danish, that soccer is their most popular sport, that they have an amazing amusement park called Tivoli Gardens, that Girl Scouting is done through the YWCA, the traditional dress and about a festival where they play a game called kick the kitty (they used to use a real kitty!)

Afterwards, I taught them a game from Denmark called Fruitbasket which they seemed to love and ended up taking over most of the meeting :)
Then we separated off to work on the Journey programs and this is where the camera lady failed :) Mara is normally with the Brownies, but she had play practice and had to miss the meeting so I was busy helping them decide on a community project to tackle. Looks like we will be quite busy!
We also signed up for our upcoming cookie booths. The girls more than met their goals in pre-sales!! They did great :) Looks like we have a lot of fun ahead of us this spring.

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