Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Friends...Welcome New Friends

Willow's hamster, Alvin, passed on this week. It was a very tearful goodbye. Theodore, his brother, went mysteriously missing the same week. They like to be together so we just hope Alvin did not die from loneliness :(

We had bought a new cage for them about a week ago and we think Theodore some how escaped. If that is the case we are sure the cats made off with him. Willow was devastated...We buried Alvin under the sunflowers. He will be missed. He lived a long (and hopefully) happy life with us.

So...the question came..When can I get more hamsters? I had said we were done after Alvin and Theodore but she just loves them so much. So, we went today and replaced the cage( just in case that was what led to Theodore's demise) and got 2 new friends to join our family. They don't have names as of yet but they are settling right in. They have to be left alone for 3 days so they can acclimate to their new surroundings. Willow is too excited to hold them :)
They are sweethearts.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Tooth Gone

Now she officially is toothless :) Growing up so fast...

I have a picture of me like this about the same age...although I am NOT smiling :) I am all red, pouting and have big crocodile tears :)

Saddle Up

Last week, Willow got to ride on Crystal again but this time she was on a saddle. She was galloping all over the place. She loves it so very much! Crystal is such a sweet horse...
We are so lucky to have found Wendy at Vista Farms. She is totally in line with us on how people learn to do things. She takes about 15-20 min getting Willow ready to ride and the rest of the time Willow is out there, usually for another hour(and it is me ready to go because it is freezing!). By the end of her lesson this week she was sitting tall and controlling her bouncing during the trot. She looked like a little Jockey up there :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Masque of Beauty and The Beast

Tonight, Mara performed as the element Earth in The Masque of Beauty and The Beast at The Academy of Performing Arts.

Her tribe was there to support her hard work and we loved every minute of it!

Afterwards it was a meet and greet with the actors...

Mother Nature and Earth

Earth and Smoke

Earth and Ice

Earth and Water

Earth and Air

Earth and Rock

Earth and Fire

So happy :) She is totally in her element when she is on stage!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies!!!

Willow starts selling cookies on January 16th! Let us know if you want to order some. $3.50 a box. Thin mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do si Dos, Lemon Chalet Cremes, Trefoils, Thank U Berry Munch(new this year) and Dulce De know you want some :)

She has a goal of selling 100 boxes so that she and her troop can go to Bouncin off The Walls, Build A Bear, camping at the cabin and make a donation to One World Cafe.

Help Willow reach her goal!

New Hampshire Home Schoolers Protest Bill to Restrict Homeschooling

Way to go home schoolers in New Hampshire! I have to say that we are very lucky in Utah to have such awesome homeschooling laws. That amendment to the law they are trying to pass in NH is ridiculous. Homeschooling has proven time and again to be a far superior choice over public education and passing a law that basically recreates public school in the home is crazy! That is what the majority of home educators are trying to get away from. My children are free to pursue their passions in life all day, every day. They are not bogged down with useless busy work. It is a beautiful life......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Willow had her first horseback riding lesson today. She rode Crystal, a 25yr old mare. So sweet! Willow did amazing and now wants to go everyday! She learned to fall off ;), stop, start, turn, lead, walk and gallop. She rode bareback for the first lesson and next week she gets to saddle up :)

I am reliving the horse is like dejavu :) Aspen was a crazy horse girl at Willow's age...till the Manga/Anime love hit...

Sweet barn kitties :) This one was in my lap almost the whole time...


Mara got money for a guitar for Christmas. She found an awesome one in her price range and it sounds incredible! I had no idea how expensive musical instruments were since I have zero musical talent ;) $8000 for a guitar...really?

David found one too...but I put my foot down. Sorry Dear :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

This was an exciting year for us! 10 years ago, New Years Eve 1999, we made a time capsule. This year, we opened it. We had written letters to ourselves about what we thought we would be like in 10 years. They were HILARIOUS! Aspen wanted to be a horse rider, Josh wanted to be an archaeologist and a violinist, Mara wanted a pet raccoon and to be a professional shopper and David and I ...well it is too funny to mention. We were all laughing until David read that he hoped his sweet Odie (our cat) was still with us . Then the tears started when Willow collapsed into a pile of mush. Odie passed a few years ago from cancer.
You remember that year right? 1999...Y2k...everyone buying bulk toilet paper and storing food away for the end of the world :) It was great to read the newspaper :)
some things never change...Pokemon cards are still popular...
Ready to celebrate the New Year in!
We sealed the time capsule back up again, with a few new additions. Of course, we wrote letters to out future selves. It is scary to think that when we open it in 1o years, David and I will be 47 and the kids will be 28,26, 24 and 16!! We could even have spouses and grandchildren! That is very scary to think!
So away it goes to the far corners for the basement until New Years Eve 2019 :)
Happy 2010 Everyone!!

Josh Building his New Gaming Desktop

Josh got a new gaming desk top for Christmas that he had to build himself :) He and David had a great time putting it together. It is amazing! Huge framerates in Dalaran for you WOW'ers! :)

We will never see him again...he moved his 360 into his room that combined with this new desktop will keep him hidden away :)

Santa Photo 2009

Yes...I humilated Josh..but I have a picture from every year since Aspen was 10 months old and I want to keep it going as long as I can :)

Some of Christmas Morning: 2009

They were nice this year...waited til 7 am to get us up...although the giggling outside our door for the hour before was like hyenas :)

David with his usual Christmas goofy voice making them wait to come day they are going to overtake us! :)

Aspen loves her new drawing tablet! It is WAY cool!!
Willow has the best sister in the world! She got a Totoro backpack and a tiny Totoro with a seed pouch...I just LOVE them!
Nothing says Christmas like killing zombies :)
Guitar shopping here we come....
I think Willow was the most shocked this year...she opened the DS package and saw the game and said"uh..i think this is a DS game..I said"yeah, looks like it...look in the package!" She FREAKED! She was so thrilled :)
It was a great day, hanging out in our PJ's and playing games.

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