Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Fun With Troop 2155

Our December meeting officially started the Holiday season for me. Usually by this time, my house is decked out in Holiday cheer but I am moving in slow motion these days, so it will happen when it happens :) In fact, I think we will be decorating tonight!

Our meeting started off with singing Christmas carols, which I have to say, Mara impressed me more than she will ever know. In the car on the way over, I asked if she knew any Holiday songs on the guitar and she said no, but she could figure them out. Sure enough, in a 30 minute period, she got them down! I have no musical talent what so ever so this was totally amazing to me! :)

The girls had 3 stations of ornaments to work on and they made some really cool creations!

Mara usually works with the Brownies on their Journey, but she had to get to rehearsal, so I worked with them and Charlene took all the Daisies :)
I only had 2 this time, the flu took a number of the girls and we had so much fun. I love this age group and their enthusiasm is so wonderful! They had homework to make a "Family Star" about the things they and their family are good at and what part of the Girl Scout Law they feel really strong about. I have to say I was so impressed by their finished projects!
We made friendship bracelets and the girls were so proud that they learned to braid! The funny thing is, I learned to braid in Brownies when I was their age :)
Charlene worked with the cute little Daisies on their Journey. According to Willow she had tons of fun. Their little plants are growing nicely...I just hope I can keep these things alive till May! LOL
I have to say, this little group of girls is so much fun. I am really lucky to be working with them. I had 2 girls on different sides of the room say to me "I have never done Girl Scouts before, and now I know I love it so much, I am going to stay in it forever and be like Mara" :)
I was thinking about that on the way home. Just the other night, Mara, her friend Lexi, Willow and I were looking at old pictures on my computer. Literally 6 years of Girl Scouts in Utah! They were laughing and reminiscing, and they said how much fun they had in girl scouts. Of course, they also said they looked terrible in every picture and couldn't believe some of the stuff they were wearing...especially at the overnights when they did crazy improve skits :)
Girl Scouts has definitely been a huge part of our family. There have been times when I have been ready to throw in the towel for sure, but for the most part it has been a amazing journey.

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