Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, November 23, 2009


Friday morning started off with meeting "the girls" at the theater for New Moon! We had pre-ordered our tickets months ago and had great seats! I am spoiled with the theaters here that have assigned seating. Just looking at the lines forming outside the other theaters I was even more thankful! It was also cool to find out you can order concessions at the kiosks and pick them up that counter or give them your seat number and they bring it to you.. lol...I am lazy :)
The movie was great! We all loved it. I think they did a great job. Kathy and I ended up going again on Saturday to take Willow and then I went again on Sunday with David :) Obsessed? not really :) hee hee Kathy and I saw Twilight in the theater like 15 times! I am sure this will be no different. I know, we really need a life ;)
After the movie, we headed to McGraths Fish House....yummy! Crab and shrimp wontons... GOD they are so good! ...And so terrible for you!! lol :) It was a fabulous lunch. Then we headed back to my house for some "wow-ing".

We celebrated Mara's best friend Lexi's 15th birthday too! They really need to stop growing up already!!

Elizabeth had to take Sarah to an audition at her school so Mara and Lexi went along as support :)
Kathy and I ended up taking the girls to Paradise Cafe for dinner. We wanted something healthy after gorging on popcorn and fried food all day :). Then we came home, worked on our Holiday crafts, had some lovely wine and watched the movie My Life in Ruins...I am sure it was a good movie but after just watching New Moon it failed in any comparison.
Kathy and I turned in around midnight but according to Mara sometime around 2 am she came looking for us to do our nails LOL yeah...pedicures at 2 am... not happening ;)

The next day, Mara had a whirlwind schedule of acting and theater rehearsal, so Kathy and I took Willow to see New was for Willow ;) Willow loved it, especially "the wolves" :)

Mara, Kathy and I played wow all our lowbie characters to 48! woot I am so excited that Mara is playing with us.

Sunday, David and Josh came home. I sent my camera with them so they could take some photos of their fun but this is all that they took.....

Wild Turkeys.... lol
They had a great time as usual. It is so great that they can get away and have all that guy time. Especially in a house full of estrogen ;) Although, I hear tales of fighting over who gets to wear the fuzzy, pink thong... I am not asking any questions :)

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