Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Troop 2155 November meeting

Tonight was our November troop meeting. We had a field trip to Barnes and Noble since we could not use the library meeting room because it was voter night :)

We had a great tour guide who took us back to the "secret" room ;)

Of course the girls favorite was the kids section :) We took about 20 minutes and explored all the books. They had a fabulous time.

Then it was back downstairs to go for our lantern walk and snacks...
We walked over the The Hidden Hollow Natural area for lantern songs celebrating Martinmas, hot chocolate, muffins and Tim Tam Slams. Tim Tams are cookies from Australia. You bite off each end of the cookie and use it as a straw in your hot chocolate, and it is called a Tim Tam Slam :). The girls loved it! Charlene had a friend that lived in Australia for a while and introduced her to them. She was grocery shopping today and happened upon the cookies :)
Cute girls! I just love them :)
The Daisy garden is growing quite beautifully! Charlene and I met today and planned out the whole year. We have a lot of fun and exciting things coming up, including selling cookies, skiing, tons of crafts, raising lady bugs, celebrating Denmark on Thinking Day, volunteer work at a local community garden...the list just goes on .... :)

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