Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a normal week

Monday started off with chili making and pumpkin corn bread. Yum! It was my turn to bring dinner for Mara's Girl Scout meeting. Once that was underway, I made some pumpkin muffins for Willow's Girl Scout meeting on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Gus decided he liked the way they smelled and somehow got them all :( So, today I made applesauce wheatgerm muffins since I am out of pumpkin :)

David was home all day working on his car. He amazes me. I could never take apart a car in tiny pieces and then put it all back together again. :) Sometimes it is really annoying having old cars but I will say, being debt free makes it totally worth it! I am just so lucky that David can pretty much fix anything!

In the afternoon, I went to Sego Lily to sub for Rebecca. There were only 11 kids at school! Two of the kids were being tested for H1N1 and well, the apple bobbing that went on Friday at the Halloween party probably did not help! In my opinion, we are all gonna get it. Although, since we were in Mexico when the outbreak happened, I say we should be immune ;) LOL

Willow did bob for apples, but only with Beach and Aiden after the masses had done it and in clean water....we will see. I am not worried about it...just like anything you could totally pick it up shopping for groceries.

After Sego Lily, I ran home, dropped off Willow, picked up Mara, the food, and my sewing machine and headed to Girl Scouts. The girls were finishing up sewing some dolls for Primary Children's Hospital and sewing rice bags for patients receiving cancer treatments. I dropped Mara off and headed to the library to get The Diary of Anne Frank for book club and books on Bhutan for Culture club.

By the time I got home it was about 9:30 and of course that means "let's start a huge project Mom " ;) Willow was looking through the books on Bhutan and saw a woman weaving. I told her we had two looms that she could use to make something herself. I know, I am the one that pointed out that we have looms :) We were up way late weaving. She loves it! While she was weaving I finished knitting Mara's hat. I will post pictures later. She went off to Sego Lily happily wearing it ;)

Tuesday started off with the muffins, weaving and getting Willow ready to spend the day with Beach. Josh has a new x-box game that came in that we have to go pick up, I have a meeting with Charlene to plan the rest of our Girl Scout meetings for the year then we have an actual troop meeting tonight. We are going on a tour of Barnes and Noble and then having a lantern walk for Martinmas. I will post pictures later.

Mara has to leave the meeting early because she has her first rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast...or should I say The Masque of Beauty and the Beast. She is so excited to be doing a play again!

Wednesday is my day. Well, technically it is Josh's D and D club day but I get to go and FINALLY play WOW with Kathy and Elizabeth,,,,, uninterrupted!! It has been like a month and I am missing it soooo much. I swear if something tries to interrupt my Wednesday I will lose it!! Josh will be having a marathon sleepover with Justin to celebrate his 14th Birthday! woot Justin :) I probably won't see him for a while, or if I do it will be with Justin ;)

Thursday is Tweens Club. Not sure what they are doing but Mara is looking forward to it.

Friday is date night at Sego Lily :) The kids are cooking and serving us dinner as a fundraiser for the school. Willow and Mara are excited. They love doing this. We have done it for years in Girl Scouts and it is always a success.

Saturday is acting for Mara...and I so hope nothing else!

I guess somewhere in the week we will fit in reading The Diary of Anne Frank and figuring out what we are gonna do for Culture Club next week.

Life is so good :)

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Melissia said...

Freeway and Gus would be fast friends. Ever since Freeway had his surgery he counter surf's- all of the food keeps getting higher and higher.:) I almost called you on Sunday to tell you there was a Day of the Dead quest in WoW- I am such a WoW nerd.

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