Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

High Tech Hi Showcase and Weekend Fun!

Josh has been taking some classes with High Tech Hi. He has really enjoyed the Game surprise there ;). I have been privileged to play some of his games...they are hard! :) I have been so amazed by his complete dedication to his work. Although it doesn't surprise me, it is just so great to see what being allowed to follow your passions to the fullest brings forth. I had the camera, but as soon as I went to snap a picture it died :(

Thursday night was a showcase of what the students have been working on. It was held at the Novell campus in Provo. Josh and his friend Justin had a great time. I was pretty impressed! Josh was totally in his element. Afterwards we went to eat at Pirate Island Pizza. It was really fun and the food wasn't too bad :) Then, David took the boys and headed up to the family cabin for their quarterly "boys weekend" :) The other boys and dads are heading up on Friday for a fun weekend of gaming and Nerf gun wars :) I am sure there will be stories to tell when they return...there always are !

In the meantime..while the boys are away..the girls will play! Kathy, Elizabeth and Sarah, Lexi and of course Mara and I have tickets to see New Moon on Friday morning. Afterwards we are heading out for lunch and then back to my house for some "pampering" :) Sleepovers and all night wow-a-thons are in the plans.

Life is I say that a lot? :)

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Stephanie said...

woot woot for it all!

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