Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, November 29, 2009

PCOS and Rude Doctors

Warning...this is a long post at your own risk :)

I am really good about doing the whole yearly checkup thing...this last week was that week for me. I really hate it...I mean, what woman doesn't?

So on Monday I went to my regular doctor, had my blood drawn in advance of my Friday appointment. On Tuesday, I went to the obgyn..the worst of the worst. And then on Friday into my reg Dr for a physical. I have been worked over and drained of blood and told I am healthy...all is good...except I have to get a mammogram for the first time...ohhh the joy I am sure that will be :)

I go into the GYN (her fancy smancy new building) and I am greeted by the rudest nurse on the planet and asked to follow her. She precedes to take me to a triage room with 4 other women and pulls a scale out and says "I need your weight" So I step on the scale and OF COURSE it is going to show a weight gain. I am wearing boots, wool socks, corduroy pants, a sweater and a wool coat! Not to mention my purse is on my shoulder with my wallet, keys and phone in it. I could care less what her scale says, weight is irrelevant. But she says to me (and the 4 other women) "oh, we have a weight gain, I will make a note of it"....I looked at her like she was nuts...Hello? I am wearing a freaking wool coat and we are talking a 5 lb difference here! So, I sit down and she does my blood pressure while I am listening to the nurse across from me tell the woman she has protein in her urine??? wth? Why am I here...where did the privacy go? So my nurse says "well, at least you have great blood pressure" WHAT? Who are you and why are you so freaking judgemental? I should have walked out looking back. So, I go in to see the DR and I have to say her bedside manner sucks, but she did do a great job removing the tumor I had on my ovary 4 yrs ago and she is very educated about PCOS so I keep coming back to her.

My regular DR is just a family practitioner and I love him!! He gets he puts it "I was dealt a bad card" It is a bad card. And now I am watching my girls get dealt the same card. First Aspen and now Mara. I am hoping that catching it early in them, they will not have to suffer the way I did.

So, I was diagnosed with PCOS or polycysitc ovarian syndrome in August of 1999. I had suffered with it for years (and what I soon came to find out, since birth) and did not realize what it was. Back in 1992, I became a vegetarian..a totally health nut. (This comes into play later)
In 1993 Josh was born and I was experiencing some weird symptoms. I could not lose weight for the life of me. I wasn't obese or anything, just about 15-20 lbs overweight. I was exhausted and my hair was falling out. I just attributed it to having a 2yr old and a baby :).
Then, in 1995 Mara was born. I became sicker and sicker after her birth. During my pregnancy with her, I felt great! That was because it goes into remission during pregnancy. When Mara was 3 (I was 26) I suddenly gained 40 lbs in 1 month. No lie...I was the crazy vegetarian who worked out every day at the gym and never ate a cookie. I literally woke up 40 lbs heavier one I was reaching the obese category and NOTHING I was doing worked. At the same time, my hair was falling out in clumps, I had no periods (I never saw this as an issue cause I was always nursing :) and I started growing facial hair where their should be no facial hair!! So, I went to several Dr's got different diagnosis and nothing was right. After a year of suffering and the weight still packing on, I decided to go see a friends obgyn.

I went to the appointment only to find she had been called away to a birth but I was offered the nurse practitioner. So I said, sure, I am already here. The NP walked in said hello, and asked me how long I had been suffering from PCOS? I said what is that? Well, now...10 yrs later...have they joy of knowing what that is all too well.

PCOS is classified by a serious of de-humanizing, de-feminizing conditions:

  • irregular periods or none at all
  • acne
  • hirsutism (excess hair)
  • male pattern baldness (hair loss where your bangs would be)
  • uncontrolled weight gain/inability to lose weight
  • infertility
  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure
  • cystic ovaries
  • pain in the lower abdomen
  • thyroid abnormalities
  • sleep apnea
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • skin tags
  • elevated testosterone
  • Acanthosis Nigricans(dark skin patches)
  • insulin resistance
  • elevated insulin with normal blood glucose levels
  • extreme fatigue

PCOS is an endocrine disorder. It wrecks havoc on your body. PCOS is hereditary. PCOS is not something brought on by lifestyle. PCOS SUCKS!!!!!!!

You don't have to have all the symptoms to have it, but I had the joy of having almost all of them. I was sent to an endocrinologist and was quickly diagnosed and put on the typical medication... Metformin and Spirinolactone. At the time, I did not realize that this medication was something I would take the rest of my life. I was also moving to Oregon that month. Big changes all around.

Once I was settled in Oregon I found a DR . I was SHOCKED to find out that in only a month I had lost over 50 lbs doing NOTHING. Well, nothing, except taking medication. Medication that was fixing two of the symptoms of the disease.

1. Insulin resistance.

IR is a condition where your cells reject the insulin in your blood stream and cause you to crave more particular...carbs or sugar. You eat creating more glucose, causing your body to release more is an ugly cycle if it is not controlled. In time you can become hyperinsulemic. You will have way too much insulin in your bloodstream and your cells won't allow it to absorb. This can lead to diabetes.

2. Elevated testosterone.

With PCOS, your ovaries secrete more testosterone and less progesterone. This is the UGLY part. These excess androgens cause male pattern baldness, facial hair, weight gain...etc Some think the IR causes the ovaries to produce more testosterone but some say it is the high testosterone that causes the IR...

Chicken and Egg? Which came first :)lol

Since I was in Oregon and surrounded by Naturopaths, Homeopaths and every natural Dr you could find, I decided to make an appointment. I went into a Naturopath and she said to me, "if you don't start eating meat, you are going to die" I was SO out of there...I thought she was crazy! So I tried a different one recommended by a friend. She said to me "if you don't start eating meat, you are going to die" I was shocked. What? There is NO WAY. Well, it took me 3 years to do it, and once I did I felt SO much better. I also found out that I was allergic to soy and all that tofu I had been eating was attributing to thyroid disease and hair loss!

All of this aside, you can be an overweight person or have diabetes and not have PCOS. You can also be a super thin person and have PCOS.

I knew Aspen had it when she called me from Portland and said. "Hey, you know how I have weighed 95 lbs for years...well, I finally gained weight! I gained 30 lbs!" I FREAKED. Get to the Dr now! Luckily, since I used to live in Portland, she just went to my old Doc and was put on the the meds right away. All of her bloodwork...normal..but her ultrasound showed cystic ovaries.

They won't even test Mara until she is 16 but they have her on the "cocktail" for now. I know some Drs will but for the most part, the tests come back normal.

I have good months and bad months. I say months because it seems to ebb and flow in that pattern. Right now, bbbbaaaaadddd months. It doesn't help that I loathe this time of year lol. Way too much stress. And well, stress is a killer for PCOS! I would so much rather be on a tropical island with no contact to the outside world. Anyway, I have been told I need to sleep...a ton more. So that is what I am doing. Sleeping tons. Hopefully it will make things turn around.

It is so interesting to me how odd people can be. I never look at people on the outside. I could never tell you what someone was wearing or what their hair looked like. I see people for who they are. I get vibes big time off of people and I can tell right away if they are someone I want to be around.

I have been amazed at my experiences being clinically obese to thin to just average. People are just mean! I don't get it? Why is it any of your business how much I weigh, or what size pants I wear? The funny thing is, when I was at my top weight, I was a workout Nazi and ate what most people would consider an extremely healthy diet! Now, I workout like a normal well and just need to sleep to make things a bit better.

According to my bloodwork, I am the healthiest person on the planet...according to how I feel, you would think I was dying a slow death. Because of my lack of sleeping over the last few months, I have developed Fibromyalgia. I am hoping to reverse it with sleep, exercise and diet...and of course my wonderful Plant Spirit Medicine treatments that I could never live without!

So, I am off to sleep :)

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2009

We had a great day, hope yours was wonderful too!

I can die happy....Michael's gourmet gravy and Kathy's butterhorn rolls...GOD they are so good!!!!!

Then of course the casseroles :)
Broccoli casserole..courtesy of my Mom My family's absolute favorite
Sweet potato casserole.. by me with brown sugar and pecans
Green bean casserole... by Kathy with smoked Gouda and bacon....YUMMY

The kids had a feast and loved it!

We are so thankful to have spent the day with our friends. Our dear friend Michael is headed to Calgary for a contract position since his job here was put on hold for 2 years. We will miss him so much!!! At least we will have him on WOW...and hey! we are coming to Canada eh' soon eh' :)

Monday, November 23, 2009


Friday morning started off with meeting "the girls" at the theater for New Moon! We had pre-ordered our tickets months ago and had great seats! I am spoiled with the theaters here that have assigned seating. Just looking at the lines forming outside the other theaters I was even more thankful! It was also cool to find out you can order concessions at the kiosks and pick them up that counter or give them your seat number and they bring it to you.. lol...I am lazy :)
The movie was great! We all loved it. I think they did a great job. Kathy and I ended up going again on Saturday to take Willow and then I went again on Sunday with David :) Obsessed? not really :) hee hee Kathy and I saw Twilight in the theater like 15 times! I am sure this will be no different. I know, we really need a life ;)
After the movie, we headed to McGraths Fish House....yummy! Crab and shrimp wontons... GOD they are so good! ...And so terrible for you!! lol :) It was a fabulous lunch. Then we headed back to my house for some "wow-ing".

We celebrated Mara's best friend Lexi's 15th birthday too! They really need to stop growing up already!!

Elizabeth had to take Sarah to an audition at her school so Mara and Lexi went along as support :)
Kathy and I ended up taking the girls to Paradise Cafe for dinner. We wanted something healthy after gorging on popcorn and fried food all day :). Then we came home, worked on our Holiday crafts, had some lovely wine and watched the movie My Life in Ruins...I am sure it was a good movie but after just watching New Moon it failed in any comparison.
Kathy and I turned in around midnight but according to Mara sometime around 2 am she came looking for us to do our nails LOL yeah...pedicures at 2 am... not happening ;)

The next day, Mara had a whirlwind schedule of acting and theater rehearsal, so Kathy and I took Willow to see New was for Willow ;) Willow loved it, especially "the wolves" :)

Mara, Kathy and I played wow all our lowbie characters to 48! woot I am so excited that Mara is playing with us.

Sunday, David and Josh came home. I sent my camera with them so they could take some photos of their fun but this is all that they took.....

Wild Turkeys.... lol
They had a great time as usual. It is so great that they can get away and have all that guy time. Especially in a house full of estrogen ;) Although, I hear tales of fighting over who gets to wear the fuzzy, pink thong... I am not asking any questions :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

High Tech Hi Showcase and Weekend Fun!

Josh has been taking some classes with High Tech Hi. He has really enjoyed the Game surprise there ;). I have been privileged to play some of his games...they are hard! :) I have been so amazed by his complete dedication to his work. Although it doesn't surprise me, it is just so great to see what being allowed to follow your passions to the fullest brings forth. I had the camera, but as soon as I went to snap a picture it died :(

Thursday night was a showcase of what the students have been working on. It was held at the Novell campus in Provo. Josh and his friend Justin had a great time. I was pretty impressed! Josh was totally in his element. Afterwards we went to eat at Pirate Island Pizza. It was really fun and the food wasn't too bad :) Then, David took the boys and headed up to the family cabin for their quarterly "boys weekend" :) The other boys and dads are heading up on Friday for a fun weekend of gaming and Nerf gun wars :) I am sure there will be stories to tell when they return...there always are !

In the meantime..while the boys are away..the girls will play! Kathy, Elizabeth and Sarah, Lexi and of course Mara and I have tickets to see New Moon on Friday morning. Afterwards we are heading out for lunch and then back to my house for some "pampering" :) Sleepovers and all night wow-a-thons are in the plans.

Life is I say that a lot? :)


Today, Mara and I attended a performance at Kingsbury Hall by Pilobolus Dance Company. It was so great! Amazing dancers!!

We have seen so many great performances with our homeschooling community! I am always amazed at the incredible talent and the amazing stories the performers share with us.

Mara especially enjoyed it since the part she has in her next play involves a lot of storytelling with movement.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser

Since the date night post, not too much has been going on. That was on a Friday night and Saturday Willow woke up very sick. She ended up having a very high fever for 5 days straight. I am sure it was H1N1. I think the rest of us had it back in early summer so no one else got sick this time around. Although, Josh lived at Justin's to be sure to escape it ;) She recovered pretty fast once the fever broke and went back to school on Friday. So, basically my week that was supposed to be full of activities became a "stay in bed and watch movies" week.
Willow is not a TV watching kid. She never has been, In fact, the only time she actually sits for a movie is in the van on a road trip or if we go to the theater :) But, we watched lots of movies and lots of episodes of Spongebob...I like Spongebob but I swear if I never see another episode of it I will be just fine! We watched The Tale of Despereaux, Ice Age Dawn of The Dinosaurs, and Curious George. Cute movies. I think my favorite was Curious George though. Especially when the guy in the yellow hat tells the crowd:

" I have just one important thing to say, anyone can memorize facts and figures, the real way to learn anything is to go out and experience it and let your curiosity lead you"

That could be our motto :) I love our life!

Friday night, Kathy and I went on a girls night out. We saw 2012! It was nonstop action. Mara was bummed that I did not take her, but she has a thing with the whole Yellowstone Super Volcano and so I needed to see it first.
We ended up seeing it again on, David, Kathy, Justin Josh and Mara. They all really liked it. Willow went to Beach's house. She would have not liked it, especially since the little girl in the movie is totally her! Same age and crazy about hats :)

Saturday we had our first HUGE snow! It was beautiful. I should have taken some pics, but I was too busy getting ready for an Unschooling support group meeting I was hosting.

We had an AWESOME meeting. I am so lucky to be surrounded with other families that treat their children with respect. It it so refreshing, especially living in place where authoritative parenting is the norm. We talked for about 4 hours and plan to do it monthly. Some of the points we touched on were:
  • honoring every person's right in the family while meeting the needs of each individual.
  • modeling a love of learning through pursuing your own interests
  • remembering that a real life has moments of anger,sadness and boredom
  • honoring the "ebb and flow" of real learning
  • parenting in a respectful way, without degrading punishment
  • remembering that your kids are amazing right now, as they are, who they are

I am so happy we have started doing this. For me, there is no question, unschooling is the way to educate. It has been that way for me ever since Aspen was 2 years old. Sure, any one of my kids can sit and memorize a bunch of facts and take the required test and pass it with flying colors, but that in no way demonstrates learning. That demonstrates their ability to memorize a bunch of facts and take a test. My children are fortunate that they do not have their childhood wasted by such acts. The funny thing is, when they do have to take a test...drivers ed, college admissions..etc..they pass with flying colors. I love what my friend Melissia always says "public school is such a terrible waste of childhood". You are so right Melissia!

I never have to stand over my child and demand that they finish a homework assignment or complete a task that takes from doing what they truly love. My children have grown up being self-directed learners. When they take on something, they do it 100% on their own, asking for help when they see the need. They are also self initiated learners, meaning they go after the things that interest them most, along the way they get all that "stuff" that public school says "you must have to be considered a success". I am so lucky to have kids that have no problem speaking their voice. Kids that question EVERYTHING. I would not have it any other way.

They let their curiosity lead them.

Yesterday I have the honor of playing D and D with some amazing kids. I say honor, because even though Josh has been playing for years, and I have been watching, I never actually joined in. I knew there was a lot of math...algebraic equations, critical thinking and imagination..but what I did not know was how hard and complex it was going to be! I had a blast. I loved watching these kids reason out the problems, figure out percentages, create huge events and story lines on the spot and to see the prep that went onto the campaign. I had so much fun and was so excited that Mara joined in too. She had a lot of fun also. She said her favorite part was weighing the decisions that were put in front of you.

Josh did a Birthday party on Saturday night. He made a 45 minute D and D campaign for a gaming themed party. There were about 8 kids. According to the mom he did a great job and the kids loved it. There was one kid that said" so what pops out..what is digital?" Josh told him, nothing pops have to use you imagination on this one. They played it and loved it! Even a kid that has autism and adhd sat through the game!

I can tell you right now, Josh would not be who he is if he were in public school. He would not have that amazing imagination. He certainly would not want to hang out with 10 yr olds and he would be too busy to play D and D with his mom because he would have way too much busy work. None of my kids would be who they are, they would be little molds of what someone else wanted them to be. That is not good enough for me.

Curiosity drives our family. I am so glad it does.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Date Night

Tonight was "Date Night" at Sego Lily. It was a school fundraiser. We had a great time!

Mara was our server and did a terrific job!
The food was great and the company even better :)

I hope the school made a nice profit! The kids took the tips and pooled them...I am sure they will make out quite well :)

Parenting to Make A Difference

Since Aspen was 12 years old when Willow was born, I have had a foot in both the worlds of little kiddos and the big kiddos at the same time. I have had a lot of people with little ones ask me if parenting as they get older gets easier. I always tell them the same thing; it isn't easier or harder, just different. I am not perfect by any means, we have had our “moments”, but I can count on 1 hand all those “moments” between 4 kids. I have just tried my best to listen to my kids needs, be open, and meet those needs as best I can.

With my younger kids, it was physical energy that was the highest demand. I was very young and I did have tons of energy, I will admit though, that I was lazy :). I breastfed my kids forever, we slept in the same bed forever and we adjusted our sleep/awake schedule to the natural changes that occur in humans, not to the “school system”. We were sometimes looked down upon for this by well meaning family and friends…but it never stopped us from doing what we felt was right. I so miss this simpler time in our lives. David and I were just talking about “back in the old days” when we all slept in one big giant bed made from our king and 2 twins pushed together. We read so many books, made big plans, told so many goofy stories and reconnected after doing our own things all day. We have been so lucky that those “own things” were truly our own, and not some random school teacher telling us what our busy work would be for the day. We have truly had an amazing life together.

As my kids grew, the foundation of having their true basic needs met has helped them to know that if they had a problem, that they go straight to Mom and Dad. They were never left to scream in a crib alone in the night only to have no one show up, so the screaming stopped. Trust was built by our family co-sleeping. Our kids were taught that David and I were there for them 24 hours a day. Not just till the sun went down. My babies were worn all day …Mara lived in the sling till she was almost 4 ;) Human touch is the most primal of all basic needs. Breastfeeding on demand was just icing on the cake. Yes, I was a La Leche League Leader for over 10 years, and we all know that breast milk is the superior infant food, but attachment parenting comes first in my book. Showing your kids at the earliest age that you are there no matter what, creates secure, confident, empathetic, compassionate people. It makes a difference in the world. This is what allowed my children to have the confidence to try new things, excel in some, fail at others and find those things that feed their soul.

Unschooling was never a decision. It was just there, it was instinctively, the path for us. It was just the title given to what we had been doing since birth. Following the interests of 4 children…exhausting…truly exhausting. But also, exhilarating…joyful… free… real.

Parenting my teens has been the greatest adventure. First of all, I have 3 VERY different teens. Nothing one has done or experienced can be even remotely related to the others. Sometimes, unschooling is hard. You may have already been through a certain experience and you may or may not know what the outcome will be. Standing back to let your child have the experience is what makes them strong. It also creates respect. Your child sees that you trust them to do “X” and even if they fail that you are 100% behind them. Unschooling and parenting are just one for me; I don’t really separate the two. Unschooling is our lifestyle, it isn't something we do between certain hours.

My teens are just my giant babies. I say giant, because I am shrinking under them :) I am still listening and meeting those basic needs. That has not changed. They may be out their having sleepovers, parties, driving or away at college but they still need that foundation.

Aspen is such a strong, dedicated, determined soul. She amazes me with her ability to just go after what she wants and not let anyone stop her. She is so independent. She knows we have her back and that gives her the freedom to go on and be successful at all she does.

When Josh is home and not away at one of his marathon overnights he always comes upstairs before he goes to bed and hugs me and David and says” I love you Mommy… I love you Daddy” Gotta love those 16yr old boys that still do that! He is truly, the most loving caring boy I know. His enthusiasm for the things he loves is contagious.

Mara is the most determined hard worker. When she wraps her mind around an idea then you can forget trying to sway her in any direction! She goes into all that she does with such a force that you will be knocked aside if you don’t watch out :) If she decides she is going to take something on, she will give it all she has. Right now, that is theater/acting.

And there is Willow. She is not a teen yet, although she sometimes thinks she is! I guess that comes from living in a family where all of your siblings are at least 8yrs older than you. :) She has no problem relaying the things she wants and needs. She is very “to the point” about what she wants and does not want. She has incredible communication skills, although she is very quiet sometimes. Her life is full of all those same wonderful beginnings that the older 3 had.

I read recently some parenting advice that was being given to someone that was something like, when your child says they hate you, then reply to them that you must be doing your job right. I would die. I seriously would die if one of my children told me to my face that they hated me. I would know that I had done something wrong. Not the child. I was not doing my job as a parent. I would ask myself, why is my child doing this? What kind of expectations am I putting on them? What situation have I allowed my child to be in? What can I do to change the situation? I would do anything and everything to fix it. I could never live in a home with that kind of contention. That is absolutely the WORST thing I could ever imagine.

I want to parent to make a difference. The world needs creative, critical thinkers. The world needs more empathy. Raising my children to be happy, loving people is my job. My job is not to make my children fit some pre-determined mold that society says "This what they should be". I am not saying it is easy or that I am perfect. I am only saying these kids are my responsibility. How do I know if I have been successful? If my children are happy and doing the things that bring them joy then I know that I have done my part.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Troop 2155 November meeting

Tonight was our November troop meeting. We had a field trip to Barnes and Noble since we could not use the library meeting room because it was voter night :)

We had a great tour guide who took us back to the "secret" room ;)

Of course the girls favorite was the kids section :) We took about 20 minutes and explored all the books. They had a fabulous time.

Then it was back downstairs to go for our lantern walk and snacks...
We walked over the The Hidden Hollow Natural area for lantern songs celebrating Martinmas, hot chocolate, muffins and Tim Tam Slams. Tim Tams are cookies from Australia. You bite off each end of the cookie and use it as a straw in your hot chocolate, and it is called a Tim Tam Slam :). The girls loved it! Charlene had a friend that lived in Australia for a while and introduced her to them. She was grocery shopping today and happened upon the cookies :)
Cute girls! I just love them :)
The Daisy garden is growing quite beautifully! Charlene and I met today and planned out the whole year. We have a lot of fun and exciting things coming up, including selling cookies, skiing, tons of crafts, raising lady bugs, celebrating Denmark on Thinking Day, volunteer work at a local community garden...the list just goes on .... :)

Just a normal week

Monday started off with chili making and pumpkin corn bread. Yum! It was my turn to bring dinner for Mara's Girl Scout meeting. Once that was underway, I made some pumpkin muffins for Willow's Girl Scout meeting on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Gus decided he liked the way they smelled and somehow got them all :( So, today I made applesauce wheatgerm muffins since I am out of pumpkin :)

David was home all day working on his car. He amazes me. I could never take apart a car in tiny pieces and then put it all back together again. :) Sometimes it is really annoying having old cars but I will say, being debt free makes it totally worth it! I am just so lucky that David can pretty much fix anything!

In the afternoon, I went to Sego Lily to sub for Rebecca. There were only 11 kids at school! Two of the kids were being tested for H1N1 and well, the apple bobbing that went on Friday at the Halloween party probably did not help! In my opinion, we are all gonna get it. Although, since we were in Mexico when the outbreak happened, I say we should be immune ;) LOL

Willow did bob for apples, but only with Beach and Aiden after the masses had done it and in clean water....we will see. I am not worried about it...just like anything you could totally pick it up shopping for groceries.

After Sego Lily, I ran home, dropped off Willow, picked up Mara, the food, and my sewing machine and headed to Girl Scouts. The girls were finishing up sewing some dolls for Primary Children's Hospital and sewing rice bags for patients receiving cancer treatments. I dropped Mara off and headed to the library to get The Diary of Anne Frank for book club and books on Bhutan for Culture club.

By the time I got home it was about 9:30 and of course that means "let's start a huge project Mom " ;) Willow was looking through the books on Bhutan and saw a woman weaving. I told her we had two looms that she could use to make something herself. I know, I am the one that pointed out that we have looms :) We were up way late weaving. She loves it! While she was weaving I finished knitting Mara's hat. I will post pictures later. She went off to Sego Lily happily wearing it ;)

Tuesday started off with the muffins, weaving and getting Willow ready to spend the day with Beach. Josh has a new x-box game that came in that we have to go pick up, I have a meeting with Charlene to plan the rest of our Girl Scout meetings for the year then we have an actual troop meeting tonight. We are going on a tour of Barnes and Noble and then having a lantern walk for Martinmas. I will post pictures later.

Mara has to leave the meeting early because she has her first rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast...or should I say The Masque of Beauty and the Beast. She is so excited to be doing a play again!

Wednesday is my day. Well, technically it is Josh's D and D club day but I get to go and FINALLY play WOW with Kathy and Elizabeth,,,,, uninterrupted!! It has been like a month and I am missing it soooo much. I swear if something tries to interrupt my Wednesday I will lose it!! Josh will be having a marathon sleepover with Justin to celebrate his 14th Birthday! woot Justin :) I probably won't see him for a while, or if I do it will be with Justin ;)

Thursday is Tweens Club. Not sure what they are doing but Mara is looking forward to it.

Friday is date night at Sego Lily :) The kids are cooking and serving us dinner as a fundraiser for the school. Willow and Mara are excited. They love doing this. We have done it for years in Girl Scouts and it is always a success.

Saturday is acting for Mara...and I so hope nothing else!

I guess somewhere in the week we will fit in reading The Diary of Anne Frank and figuring out what we are gonna do for Culture Club next week.

Life is so good :)

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