Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The week

Ok, so there was so much that went on this week that did not involve my camera that I want to write about here...

The Open High School...not so open:

Mara decided that the Open High school was not working out for her and has gone back to Sego Lily School part time.....all I can say is THANK GOD!!! I was supporting her in the madness that was that online high school but on the inside I was screaming "why? why are you doing this to yourself?"

Well, I knew their had to be a reason. Come to find out, a well meaning friend kept telling her over and over that if she did not do high school she would never get into a "good" college and be the actor/singer/entertainer she wants to be....

Ok, there are a few things wrong with that statement.
1. she has a sister that did not go to high school who is in her 2nd year of college, pursuing the things she has always wanted to do and be.
2. this particular friend is only sharing her fears that are being projected on her by her public school situation and/or parents that like the majority of us were told that over and over and it is hard to let it go.
3. what family have you been living in for the lat 14 years? LOL

It just goes to show that you never know what your motivation might be to do something, but you eventually come around to doing the thing that makes sense :)

I am just so happy because I have my silly, singing, guitar playing, laughing, artistic daughter back. The stressed, to busy to do ANYTHING fun girl is gone along with all of the useless busy work!
Now, that being said, I will say that The Open High School has some good points. There were things about it that we liked. Unfortunately the program as a whole, pretty much sucks. Unfortunately, you can't pick and choose like other online high schools and you have to do it all. So, we are doing none...and we are all much, much happier!

What she learned from this experience:
  • Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.
  • She proved to herself that she can do what any high school teacher would ask and do it extremely well.
  • when something is not working, change the situation.
  • everything she did for the 4 weeks, she could have learned on her own in a better way than filling out useless multi-choice worksheets
  • real learning only happens when you are passionate about something or you are surrounded by people that are passionate about what they do.

More events from the week:

Mara decided to go back to Girl Scouts and had a blast :) She went home with 3 of the girls from the meeting and had a sleepover.

She joined the cooking corporation at school, she is teaching piano to one of the boys at school and she playing the guitar, writing songs and drawing a painting again!

On Wednesday, the kids and I went to see Tap Dogs perform at Kingsbury Hall. They were amazing! Afterwards, we dropped Josh at D and D and headed to school. That night I had a great time will all the homeschool parents at Paradise Cafe!

On Thursday, Josh's friend Justin came to stay with us for a week while his parents do some work in the intentional community they are building. I went and picked Justin up and we went and picked Josh up from work. We walked over and had lunch at Jason's Deli and then went to see Zombiland. Ok, if you know me, you know blood and gore and being scared is sooooo not my thing. It wasn't too bad since their was humor involved. The actors were pretty funny. There was a scene with the lead actor was describing his typical day with pizza boxes and mountain dew code red piled high and him playing WOW all day. The boys died laughing..of course it was totally them :)

On Friday, I was working at Sego Lily, and their was a homeschool park day where the teens were going to meet and plan activities to do. I worked it out to take all the teens from Sego Lily that wanted to go over to the park, drop them off, and then come back and get them when they were done. I really wished I could have stayed. It sounds like they planned some really cool stuff to do over the next few months. Next week is a sports day at the park, we have our huge Halloween party coming up, their is working at the food back, laser tag, a pizza party, cross country skiing, and just hanging out on the list. We are looking forward to the fun and getting to know the other kids.

The reason I wish I could have been there, was apparently there was this woman(not a teen mom) that was asking Mara a bunch of questions about Sego Lily and apparently did not like what she said, or understand what she was saying and said to Mara "well, how do you learn anything?"...... Why would you do that? I would never corner your child and say "how are you going to ever learn, sitting in that chair all day doing your curriculum?" Come on people :)

My totally observation from being in the car with 5 unschooled, free thinking children and listening to what they were telling me about the meeting, was that they felt like the Mom's kind of overtook the meeting and that the teens did say their ideas but they were not as heard as they would have been if the teens were left to plan it themselves. I think that was my fault...When I said a "teen planning meeting" they assumed the teens would be planning it LOL Well, at least in their worlds they would. Once they had all the ideas down, they would then bring it to the adults to help facilitate the ideas. It is much different to live in a democracy. Oh well, this is an experience as it is and we will give it a try :) I know the ladies involved and they are wonderful people!

Friday night, Mara had Ainsley sleepover because they had to be at an art workshop in my neighborhood at 9 am. They had tons of fun! More to come on the workshop!

Next week:

  • Mara has homeschool movie club: The King of Masks (Mandarin with English subtitles), and then she is going to a computer lab set up at one of the local rec centers.
  • We are reading ,Tuck Everlasting for Mother Daughter book club
  • The Teen club's first event is the sports day on Wednesday, right after D and D club.
  • The Tweens are meeting on Thursday for some more fun!
  • I am at Sego Lily all next week :) Rebecca and I are going shopping on Tuesday for wood, gesso, and sheets to build and stretch canvases for the kids to crate art work for the silent auction/spaghetti dinner fundraiser in December.
  • We are going camping on Sat-Mon to Goblin Valley State Park

I would say we did a 180 ;) Ahh, back to what we know as normal life!


Melissia said...

That same woman I believe quizzed most of us about something. She really had a hard time getting it. She even asked one of the other moms how our kids were going to learn to socialize and the mom said, "they are socializing right now" and pointed at the 8 kids making up their own game. DUH! Was good to see you on Wednesday!!

Teri said...

LOL That is "good to hear" I figured is was something like that. I told Mara that unschooling/sudbury is really hard for some people to grasp and though they may sound judgemental, they are just trying to process it. It was just the fact that she had my kid cornered and not me.

It was so great to see you too!!

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