Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A new Girl Scout year has begun!

Our 2009-2010 girl scout year has begun! We had a great meeting and had tons of fun :) We have added 7, yes 7 new girls to the troop this year! That brings us to 13 :)Mara is continuing to be an incredible help to the troop and she is the Brownie Journey leader this year! They love her and had a blast starting on their journey to finding the 3 keys.

Our first meeting started off with a rededication/investiture meeting. The girls that were new to girl scouting were "invested" into the troop and the girls that have done it before were rededicated. We pinned then girls, gave them awards, crowned them with daisy crowns and had them walk up the stem of a daisy and find a seat on one of the petals representing the girl scout promise and law. Then Mara told them the brownie story and we welcomed the new brownies by "twisting and turning" them :)

After the ceremony, we divided up into to brownies and daisies and went on our separate journey's. Mara took the brownies and helped them discover all the things that they are good at and how it fits into the girl scout law. Charlene and I took the daisies and helped them plant a daisy garden that they will tend the rest of the year.

Of course our meetings would never be complete without some singing and games. Still the favorite...Little Sally Walker :)

Our closing circle and friendship squeeze.

Such cute girls! It is a joy to be their leader :)

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