Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goblin Valley 2009

On Saturday, we left Salt Lake for 3 days of fun in Goblin Valley. It was so awesome! The weather was perfect and we had the best camp site ever. We camped on BLM land and pretty much were alone. It was great for the dogs, they hate being leashed, so they had free reign of the area. The night sky was absolutely amazing! We could see every star and saw tons of shooting stars.

Mara was our amazing cook :)
On Sunday, we hiked Bell canyon. Perfect weather! We met some really nice people on the trail. The dogs had fun, except where we had to hoist them up over rocks. Since we were hiking in a river bed you never know what you might come upon. Of course, David made a contraption to lower them back down out of their leashes :) It worked great!
We had to take several breaks for poor Gus...he is not used to keeping up with our Border Collies or us crazy hikers :) We kept joking that he was saying"now, they asked you if you would take me in, but they did not ask me if I wanted to sign up for this!" LOL
He did great though and had a wonderful time...
It was so cool to see how that water had carved the rock. It is also scary to think of being in that canyon during a flash flood!
David and Josh wanted to climb this wall so the girls and I hung out with the dogs. There was no way Gus could make it up there ;)
We didn't see a whole lot of wildlife. I did catch this lizard on film. We saw some pronghorn antelope, a skunk, a mouse and tons of ravens. We were hoping to see some wild horses but we heard they were off in a canyon that would take hours to hike to.
After hiking the slot canyon, we headed back to Goblin Valley for a picnic and an afternoon of tag. My kids LOVED this place. We are definitely coming back here next year.

Juniper was in heaven!

We headed back to camp and made chili for dinner. The plans were to eat and head back into the park at dark to play flashlight tag under the stars. Well, poor Gus got a thorn in his foot and even though we were able to remove it, he was limping around. So, I sat in the van with him playing with Google sky map on my phone. It is so awesome!!! I can hold it up or down and it shows you what stars are in the sky. It was kind of freaky sitting in the van in the pitch blackness alone, but David and the kids had a blast in the dark.
Veiw from the cliffs above our campsite...Willow lived up here :)
After the flashlight tag, we headed back for a roaring fire and smores...
Awesome trip! We can't wait to go back. We are hoping to get one more camping trip in before it gets too cold...although Josh thinks we are snow caving this winter...we will see ;)

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Diane said...

I sure wish we could come up with a half way point to meet up. Our families haven't seen each other in ages and the boys would love to have a campout with a like minded family. glad you shared your exploits.

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