Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Stuff Happening....

Beach and Willow playing doggies in the yard....
Sleepovers are tons of fun... growing up our always had to be on the weekend because of my family now, they are a normal occurrence nearly every day of the week ;)
words...there are none....they are just weird!
Sarah, Mara and Lexi being goofy...

And of course, the boys....hard at work LOL
Homeschool park day was great fun last week, especially for Josh. He had a great time playing soccer with all the boys :) The kids are excited to get together with the other teens next week for some group planning.

Willow and her buddy Madison had a Magic class at the library last Saturday. We had the best magic demo when we got home ;)
weird picture...I know...But Willow says" I want a bunk bed" and walla the neighbors were getting rid of one! Will have till wait till David can put it together (he burned the heck out of his hand cooking last we will wait)

Emptying the pool for winter always brings out the worms and other creatures....Man they are huge!
This Roley poley or potato bug as Willow likes to call them, was shedding. Very cool!.
Willow and I made some very simple origami for "Japan" for culture club this month:) Mara is going to a Bonsai class next Saturday and we will be adventuring into Japanese cooking this week...

Other going on's:
  • Mara had a great time at Tween Club. They played games, made salad and cookies and got to know each other. They all are looking forward to the next meeting.
  • Willow is still loving Sego Lily and wants to live there.
  • I am still subbing quite a bit at Sego Lily, in fact I will be there for the next 2 weeks while one of the Staff members is in Fiji :)
  • Of course we are fostering Gus :)
  • Josh is working hard at the Halloween store :) You should all go see him. On occasion, he has to wear a giant inflatable pumpkin costume and stand outside with a sign LOL oh, and he loves it when people ask to take their picture with him ;)
  • Josh is getting his braces off on Monday! He is excited.
  • Girl Scouts starts next stuff, new adventure....13 girls!!!! I have been a busy lady preparing for the first meeting and out ceremony!
  • Mara's acting class is going well. She loves every minute of it.
  • Aspen loves her new life :) :)
  • D & D and WOW Wednesday is still the highlight of my week....God that is sad! No, just love being with my friends
  • Mom's night out this week....yumm Paradise Cafe
  • Maybe, just maybe, the "I want to do high school phase" is leaving Mara....the realization that "yes, I can do this but just because I can doesn't always mean I should" is starting to sink in ;)...more to come on that front.
  • Josh is loving Game Design...and tolerates Computer Lit....the teacher is weird
  • looking forward to seeing "Tap Dogs" with Salt Lake Home Educators
  • Mara is doing a craft day at The Pioneer Craft House next Saturday...she can't wait!
  • pumpkin picking...Halloween Decorating and of course...The Party :)
  • New Moon tickets are bought, Boys weekend at the cabin times!

Life is good......

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Stephanie said...

Such happy pictures!!

Still flitting as busily as ever, I see!

So much goodliness going on.
HOpe to see you on Wednesday night!

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