Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fostering Gus

Willow and I have been reading Puppy Place, a series of books by Ellen Miles. They are short chapter books about a family who fosters dogs. Each book is about a different dog(Willow's most favorite subject in the world). They always find the perfect home for the particular dog the story is about. During our reading, Willow became very interested in fostering. We talked a lot about it and I told her that her Aunt Wendy was a foster for The Golden Retriever rescue in Memphis. She was all over it! She could not wait to help a dog. Well, her dream came through today! We went and picked up Gus from the Humane Society of Utah. He is a 4yr old Golden Retriever that has recently had a huge tumor removed from his back and so we are housing him while he recuperates from surgery. He is so great! He loves the kids, loves our dogs and does not care a thing about the cats :) He is wearing "the cone of shame" so he won't chew his stitches and it makes him pretty clumsy :) So far the adventure is great! I am sure their will be many more to come. He will find a home quick. This is an incredible family dog.
Maggie, being the princesss she is, took over his bed and bone right away :)
Sweet boy!
His incision is huge! it is about 18" long. Apparently it was a very large mass they removed :(

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Wendy Ray said...

Awww....I'm soooo happy to see you guys fostering! Gus is adorable. Your life will never be the same after you see him go to a loving home. Love you guys!

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