Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dogs, Dogs and more Dogs....

We have Kiya and Frisco staying with us for the weekend along with our 2 Border Collies and Gus, our foster is totally a zoo around here. Add about 8-10 extra kids sleeping is always a party here :)

I tried to get all the dogs to lie down next to each other but they would have nothing of the sorts! So, David and Josh jumped in to hold them all :)

We love out puppies around here!

Trick or Treat? 2009

Another great year of Trick or Treating! The weather was perfect and a full moon too! Willow, Mara, Lexi, Sarah, Josh, Cody and Robert had a blast :) This year, Willow was a spider witch, Josh was a D and D ranger and Mara was "The girl that slept in your yard" LOL She had leaves in her wig but I forgot to catch a picture :) She got lots of laughs for that one!

Josh and Cody took Willow around the block first as the sun was starting to set.

Candy score!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Nightmare Mansion

Tonight David and I took the kids and their friends who dared to The Nightmare Mansion.
There are 4 levels of "scariness" and Willow and I decided to just do 2. Apparently the other 2 were not that scary. I did see tons of little kids coming out. We bought her this flashing light thing that hangs around your neck. They told us if she had it set to flash red that the actors would know not to jump at her...didn't really work all that well, but Willow seemed to not be too bothered by it. There was even a little girl not much older than her working in the house. Willow said she wants to work their next year :) I guess that is what you get when you have a 16 yr old brother that LOVES Halloween :)

waiting in line...
The first room is all 3-D art so you get these glasses to wear. It was really cool! There of course were actors hiding amongst the art that would jump out and scare you. I really hate that.... LOL
Willow got the "chainsaw" guy to hold still long enough for a picture :)
Now I am off to bed...Trick or Treating tomorrow night! Hope is doesn't snow :)

Sego Lily Halloween Party 2009

Today was a great party at Sego Lily! I made TONS of cupcakes :) Unfortunately, Gus, our foster dog, was counter surfing and ate an entire plate of them! Luckily he only got the vanilla ones :)

Willow wanted to be a spider so Mara did her makeup...

Having fun "bobbing" for doughnuts:

And then bobbing for apples:
The witches brew with eyeballs...
Great Entertainment:
Great friends and fun!
Willow with one of the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches..she is braver than way an I holding that thing... I guess I am scarred from living in the South...roaches are not something I consider a pet ;)
Happy Halloween!

Carvin' Time 2009

We finally got around to carving our pumpkins. Seems like this month has flown by! Normally we would make a trip to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins but we just ran out of time this year, so the grocery it was.

Mara chose this totally disgusting pumpkin with growths all over it that took her forever to hack through!

Josh is suffering terribly here. He HATES anything slimy, sticky, or stringy to be near him. Pumpkin guts are among the worst, along with oatmeal and paper mache :)
Mara finally got through and was able to cut the top off of her pumpkin. It was SO thick!
Willow drew out her design and then David cut it for her.
Josh's masterpiece:
Mara's masterpiece:
Glowing in the night...ready for trick or treaters!

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