Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bounce Back to Lagoon

On Sunday we headed back to Lagoon for what they call "Bounceback". Basically, you can once you buy tickets, you can bounceback on certain days for a fraction of the cost. It was so great! No one was there. We just walked right onto every ride.

This Wild Mouse ride is one of Willow's favorites. The rest of us tolerate it because it is actual painful to ride :) It is really jerky and slams you around a lot. I swear it is going to come off the tracks!

After we got "sprinkled" on the Odyssea...we decided to brave The Rattlesnake rapids....I don't think I have ever been wetter! We went right under the waterfall and got totally soaked!
Willow made a friend..too bad she crushed her (hee hee)
This was the first year I rode the Spider. I loved it! The line has always been way too long for me. It is a roller coaster that seats 4 per car and the car rotates as you go along the track. Tons of fun!
Look close, David and Josh are in the front and Mara is behind them :)


Julie said...

Hey we were there yesterday too! I thought I saw David, but then thought "no, they were just here, they wouldn't be coming back so soon". I loved the no lines as well, except for Wicked unfortunately:( I would have gone on it a couple more times if it weren't for the line.

Teri said...

I thought that was Kyan! I saw the CUTEST little boy in line for the boats and I thought "wow, he looks just like Kyan!" but I didn't see you or Lee around so I assumed it was his long lost twin ;)

You are more brave than me! I rode the wicked once and it scared the crap out of me! Haven't been back on since LOL

Julie said...

I remember, we were over by the kids roller coaster with Damek and my mom was sitting on the bench while Kyan and my niece went on the boats. Darn, I wished we would have seen you. Glad you had fun!

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