Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another month gone by

Well, obviously I am way to busy to keep up with this blog :) It has been a crazy month since I last posted. Here are some of the things we have been up to...
Aspen and David loaded up her car and drove out to school. We miss her sooooo much!!! She has a great new apartment with 2 kids that go to school with her :) She has had a great time getting settled in and is looking forward to classes starting soon! Work is going well for her and she is getting more and more comfortable with driving every day. I still can't believe she is in her 2nd year of college already! We are so happy for her that she has such great friends and tons of people looking out for her well being!!

I have been working a lot at Sego Lily school. I absolutely love it! The kids are amazing and I especially love the little ones :) I can't imagine my kids in school anywhere else. Willow LOVES her school and all of her great friends! She gets to do so many great things there. She swims, she swings, she eats when she's hungry (not when someone tells her to) she plays and plays (what every 6yr old should be doing) and oh yes...she is reading...and doing math. She goes on field trips, she makes important decisions, she participates in groups and does her own thing, she plays music, she does art, she cooks, she brings her hamsters to school, she plays on the computer...I could go on forever :)She tells me everyday as we leave the school that she wishes that she could just sleep there ;)
I had an interesting conversation the other day with someone who could absolutely not grasp the unschooling/Sudbury model. I just wanted to say to them "look at my kids, they are happy, incredible, amazing kids so what are you trying to get at by berating me over and over about our lifestyle?" A good friend then pointed out that they were only trying to make themselves feel better about my choices...well, I am not here to make you feel better about my choices. I am happy, my kids are happy, David is happy....that is all that matters to us..And oh, by the way, this world needs my free-thinking outside the box kids :) Now, lets talk about you and what you are up to... ;)

Keona, Ethan and Willow having lunch in the treehouse and discussing vegetarianism :) (sure beats public school cafeterias!)

Mara has been busy on OHSU (Open High School of Utah) She loves it! The technology is really amazing! The other night, Mara was sitting at the kitchen table on her laptop and David and I were cleaning up from the 8 homemade pizzas we had made for the tons of kids that we sleeping over :) (yes, on a school night even lol) Suddenly, there was her math teacher on skype! She popped on and saw that Mara was on and went over all the stuff for her Algebra test. I was so amazed! One, how cool is the technology, and two, that her teacher was so willing to spend her Thursday night helping Mara! Needless to say, Mara is doing GREAT in school. We absolutely love this program.
Mara has been busy with her acting classes. He pictures came in today so if I can download them on here I will....

Josh is also LOVING his online high school, Hi-Tech High. He and his best friend Justin have been hard at work in their Game Design Class. Josh made a game and I played it today...I was truly amazed! He has been at Justin's for like the last 3 days (nothing new :)) and Kathy said they have done nothing but work on their coursework. Josh has wanted to design video games since he was like 3, no kidding! He not only wants to design them, but do the detailed story line behind them.
He has been Dungeon Master for the D and D group for quite a while now. I love it when he comes up from his bedroom to tell me the next part of the adventure he is sending the group on. That boy has an incredible imagination!
Music is on hold for a while since their teacher is due to have her baby any day now :) We are sooo excited for her!
So, we are busy....More to come later.

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Julie said...

Wow Teri! I love reading your blog, you have definitely been an inspirational unschooling family to me. I don't doubt that my kids are learning, but sometimes I wonder about when they get older, then I look at your kids and how amazing they are and how their pursuing their passions just like they've always done, and I relax. Thanks for sharing your lives on this blog:)

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