Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Lives

This is a sad neglected blog. We have become so crazy busy I cannot keep up and I never have the camera with are some of the things we have been up to and the near future plans:

I have been subbing at Sego Lily. It has been great. Cute kids (well, one is evil) but the rest are great LOL

Girl Scouts is getting ready to start again. Looks like I will have a pretty big troop this year!

Josh and Aspen in Drivers Ed...need I say more

Aspen starts class in September, she will be busy as ever. I think she is ready to run screaming from this crazy house :)

Josh got a $1000 scholarship to High Tech High! He is going to be doing video game design and computer stuff....flash, website design. It is pretty cool! He will get a laptop that is his to keep once he completes one course.

Mara is doing the Open High School this year. We had orientation and she got her laptop. She is really excited about the program. She is still going to Sego Lily too.

Willow will continue at Sego Lily. I don't think I could pry her out of there if I wanted to :)

  • David and I went to Colorado for the weekend and left all the kids and the dogs, including Justin and his 2 dogs at home....Lord of the Flies!...we went to our friends land for food, friendship and FIRE! Don't worry, our great neighbor was looking our for them :)
  • Mara has been auditioning for plays and agents..more to come on that front
  • their have been music classes (and Baby showers for their music teacher)
  • never know who is sleeping on one of the couches
  • raids (WOW not the dancing kind ;) )
  • hanging with cousins from here and AZ
  • boating with grandpa,
  • grilling out...lots of Mexican yummmm
  • swimming in the pool...even trying to sleep in the pool...not such a great idea LOL
  • lots of movies
  • knitting and painting
  • water aerobics
  • wowing with friends
  • D and D club
  • library reading program and LOTS of Magic Treehouse( didn't think I would have to suffer through those books again...thanks Wendy's kids meal...just kidding they aren't that bad...but I have read them all like 3 times now ) LOL
  • Willow spent the night with her buddy Beach and they slept on the trampoline but she woke up in the chicken coop LOL (at least this is what they tell me)
  • house full of teenagers eating all the food, never showering and staying up all night
  • and well, just life as we know it I guess

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