Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy 14

Mara is 14! Time is flying too fast. She had a great day celebrating!!

We got Mara a gag gift this year. Long story, but over the Holidays last year, we watched a lot of movies and in between the movies these horrible infomercials would be on. You know,...the ones you just can't turn off because you are sure they are a Saturday Night Live sketch.... well, one of them was for this thing called a "snuggie". So, like for 2 months after that it was a running joke in the house about the snuggie and so when I was out shopping one day and saw it on the shelf I knew I had to get one for Mara :) Well, Willow was actually the one that said we HAD to get it (hee hee)

As you can see, she could barely breathe she was laughing so hard!
On her actual birthday, she and her friend Lexi hit the Gateway first thing for a day of shopping, movies and food. They had a great day...spent like 8 hours there! Of course they had to be ALONE....its a teenage thing (hee hee)
She came home with a ton of new stuff and got these beautiful earrings from Kathy...she is quite the jewelry maker!

She chose Outback Steakhouse for dinner. All I can say is thank god we did not have to endure Sweet Tomatoes again this year LOL That is always the place she and Willow choose to go..but for some reason we all get stomach aches open food bars...and well, my meat eaters really hate that place :)
Happy Birthday! We love you!!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Lives

This is a sad neglected blog. We have become so crazy busy I cannot keep up and I never have the camera with are some of the things we have been up to and the near future plans:

I have been subbing at Sego Lily. It has been great. Cute kids (well, one is evil) but the rest are great LOL

Girl Scouts is getting ready to start again. Looks like I will have a pretty big troop this year!

Josh and Aspen in Drivers Ed...need I say more

Aspen starts class in September, she will be busy as ever. I think she is ready to run screaming from this crazy house :)

Josh got a $1000 scholarship to High Tech High! He is going to be doing video game design and computer stuff....flash, website design. It is pretty cool! He will get a laptop that is his to keep once he completes one course.

Mara is doing the Open High School this year. We had orientation and she got her laptop. She is really excited about the program. She is still going to Sego Lily too.

Willow will continue at Sego Lily. I don't think I could pry her out of there if I wanted to :)

  • David and I went to Colorado for the weekend and left all the kids and the dogs, including Justin and his 2 dogs at home....Lord of the Flies!...we went to our friends land for food, friendship and FIRE! Don't worry, our great neighbor was looking our for them :)
  • Mara has been auditioning for plays and agents..more to come on that front
  • their have been music classes (and Baby showers for their music teacher)
  • never know who is sleeping on one of the couches
  • raids (WOW not the dancing kind ;) )
  • hanging with cousins from here and AZ
  • boating with grandpa,
  • grilling out...lots of Mexican yummmm
  • swimming in the pool...even trying to sleep in the pool...not such a great idea LOL
  • lots of movies
  • knitting and painting
  • water aerobics
  • wowing with friends
  • D and D club
  • library reading program and LOTS of Magic Treehouse( didn't think I would have to suffer through those books again...thanks Wendy's kids meal...just kidding they aren't that bad...but I have read them all like 3 times now ) LOL
  • Willow spent the night with her buddy Beach and they slept on the trampoline but she woke up in the chicken coop LOL (at least this is what they tell me)
  • house full of teenagers eating all the food, never showering and staying up all night
  • and well, just life as we know it I guess

She's Driving!

Aspen and Josh just spent 2 weeks in Drivers Ed at Salt Lake Community College. Aspen took her road test and passed with flying colors! Josh goes in next week for his. They are both great drivers. I think they enjoyed Drivers if they will only stop telling me everything I am doing wrong :)
All I have to say is that it has been awesome. I have sent her on so many errands....I LOVE it!! Josh will be quite busy soon :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adventures in Oregon

The last week of July, I went to Oregon with my friend Kathy for 9 days. I had a BLAST!! I have never left everyone and gone away . They have left me before, like David taking them all the Utah for a week when we lived in Portland, but I was left at home with a mountain of responsibility on my shoulders. This was different...this was a SO needed break! I did not have to think about anyone but me....

We left at dawn and got to Portland about dinnertime. When Kathy picked me up I noticed one of her headlights was out and so we decided to get it fixed somewhere on the way. Well, we had a such a fabulous time chatting and seeing the sights that we forgot about it :) We stopped at the Subway that Aspen works at for dinner and then headed to our first stop, camp Magruder in Rockaway Beach. Kathy had business meetings for the Sacred Fire Community all week and I would meet back up with her on Friday for the [re]union. We found the camp, got her settled and I headed off to my first stop, Cape Lookout state park.
Now, the Oregon coast is a funny place. Many times it is covered in dark thick fog and is 50 degrees in the middle of summer. Well, that happened to be one of those times. So, I get in the car and pull out and realize we had forgotten about the headlight. So, I am driving on the coast road, in the dark and fog looking for a campground I had never been to....Fun times. I get to a little town called Garabaldi and as I flip the brights down to regular for the oncoming traffic(the brights we working, but unfortunately not the best thing for fog LOL) I see the car that was in the other lane suddenly do a u turn and flip on the red and blue lights....GOD!! So I am thinking, ok I will just explain that it totaly slipped my mind that the light was out and that I will get it fixed first thing ASAP!
Well, the cop walks up to the car and says..."license. insurance and registration please" Well, it had not dawned on me to get my insurance card out of my car so I did not have that on me. He says "I pulled you over for 2 reasons(really 2 reasons? I know I was not speeding!)...your headlight AND you taillight are out" OK well, I will get them both fixed this is easy. Well, the next 10 minutes were a blur. I could not find any current insurance or registration in the car and turns out the plates had expired! I thought for sure he was going to arrest me! I tried calling Kathy but she had no service and then suddenly, the fact that I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep before I left, that I was driving to an unknown campground and that I was actually ALONE for the first time in like 19 years hit me.
The balling commenced the policeman freaked and I only ended up having to mail in a copy of my car insurance a month later :) I kind of feel bad for the poor guy. I mean, this was the ugly cry LOL! Exhaustion, not just from only 3 hours of sleep but 19 years of the "go-go" mom all came out on this poor little newbie cop in the smallest town in America.. poor thing....
He did tell me that the campground was still pretty far away and that the fog was worse closer to Tillamook so I decided to stay in the one hotel they had in Garabaldi. Now, I have a very vivid imagination....I am thinking of all the horror movies where the tired person pulls over at a cheap hotel for the night and the staff are really all zombies and come and kill you in the night.
So, I call David and I put him on speaker phone in my pocket(cause you know, he can save me on speaker phone) and go in, ready to face the zombies. Turns out the hotel staff is made up of an 80 yr old couple that can barely walk! I slept so hard that night.
Monday was so much fun! I left Garabaldi, making a stop in Pacific City to walk down to the ocean. It was so beautiful...the fog was coming in quickly though so I didn't stay too long. I was on my way to Bend to see my dear friend Elizabeth and her beautiful family. The drive was so great. It took me about 4 hours. I went straight to her yarn shop and sat and chatted while she helped customers. It was so great to see her in action. She is amazing. She is the one that taught me to knit. After she closed up, we went to dinner at a new little place in downtown Bend. I can't remember the name but I think it was Jambalaya's? It was so yummy! We caught up over dinner and then headed back to her house for the night. India, her daughter that is Mara's age, gave up her room for me :)
Tuesday I was on a mission. I had to get the headlight fixed. So, I followed Elizabeth to the pool where Eliana, her youngest, had swimming and then I went on to Napa auto parts. So, I am not a car person, I have no idea how to fix things....that is David's area. So, I go in and I tell him what the deal is and he comes outside and says yep they are out, let me get you what you need. I told him that I had no idea how to replace them and that the book made it seem complicated. So, he told me to go to Hertz auto care and tell them that he had sent me over :) Gotta love small towns! So, I went over there and the guy was so nice! He came out and said "no big deal, I will pop those in" Then he saw I was driving a Prius...
He ended up having to write up a work order but it all got fixed pretty fast. Elizabeth and Eliana showed up and had made pedicure appointments for the 3 of us :) We went and got our toes done. It was so much fun!
After the pedicures, it was time for me to head to Eugene. I had reservations to camp on the coast that night but I was stopping to have dinner with Katrina on my way out. It was so great to see The Hethmons! I cannot believe how big their kids are!! Benjamin came flying into my arms :) SO sweeet!!! I remember when Claire used to do that hee hee
Katrina and I went to this mom and pop Salvadorian restaurant. The food was so amazing! Great conversation, yummy food...but it was hot as hell. The freak high pressure was still setting over the valley keeping the fog at the coast and the heat in Portland/Eugene. I think at one point it was 108!! I was sad to only stay for a short time but I wanted to spend some much needed alone time at the coast. So, I headed out just south of Florance for the night. Found my site, set up my tent and slept great! It was my 19th Anniversary that day... we are celebrating it late this year :)
Wednesday, I got up and drove to Newport. I love Newport. I love the sea lions. I love the food and the people. It is such a great city. I had fun browsing all the shops I could never go in because according to my kids "it was boooring, and if I go in there you have to buy me something" Not this time :) I ate lunch at Moe's and sat with a couple that live full time in their RV. Best clam chowder in the world and great conversation. I walked down to the sea lions and was so heartbroken to see all the fishing line wrapped around their necks. It was so tragic. I just stood their and cried. In all the years I have been to Newport I have never seen them in that condition. They had a sign up about it stating that they we short handed and could not capture them all and were evaluating them one by one. I was so sad :(

I left Newport and headed to my camp site at Beverly Beach. I set up and walked down to the beach. You could barely see anything but it was still nice to sit on the sand and smell the salt air. So nice, I fell asleep :) When I woke up, I decided to take a walk on the beach and then go to Depot Bay for dinner. As I was walking, I pulled out my MP3 player and was listening to all the music David had put on it for me. He did good, lots of Iron and Wine....then suddenly he was singing. He was singing the song he wrote for me when we were sweet....such a great surprise :) Dinner was ok and then I headed back to camp. Made a fire and then the rain started. I went into the tent and knitted and read my book till I fell asleep. The rain came down all night. Everything was soaked, the fog was 10 times worse than the day before and I was cold and wet and miserable.

So,on Thursday, I went to Portland :) I got a hotel, went to my favorite restaurant, read my book , watched a movie and knitted in was great. I slept so hard and woke up ready to head to the reunion!
On Friday, I left the hotel and drove to Rockaway Beach and grabbed Kathy. We went to Cannon beach just north of Rockaway. My absolute favorite beach on the Oregon coast. I HAD to take her to Moe's for some clam chowder and to Indian Beach where the filmed Twilight :) So we made a day of it. We had so much fun!!!

After our full day of sightseeing, we headed back to camp Magruder for the Sacred Fire [Re]Union. It was wonderful. Everyone was so incredibly nice and the fire was so great. Kathy and I were sharing her huge tent just a few feet from the beach so we could hear the ocean all night. I loved it. Something about that ocean made me sleep so peacefully.
I made new friends and saw some old friends. Ate crappy "12 yr old boy Methodist church camp" food, danced around a fire till way into the night, built a deer sculpture in the sand with my "Deer Clan", attended some amazing workshops, walked on the beach, met some really interesting people from all over the world, and just had a great time with my friend Kathy! :)

On Sunday, we packed up and left to go into Portland for the night. We got a hotel and then went to a Mongolian BBQ. I LOVE this restaurant. The food is so yummy!! We unfortunately had an jerk of a waiter who basically accused us of being high!!!! What the hell??? He got no tip! We went back to our room, opened up our wine, got on WOW and did a dungeon with David and out friend shitface. Yes, he is known to us as shitface because his character was shifacekiler, but WOW made him change it. It is pretty funny to get into a group of people that don't know you and they think you are just a jerk calling someone shitface....He lives in like Pennsylvania I think. Anyway, we had a lot of fun :) Needless to say, we slept in......hee hee

We left on Monday, stopped at Multnomah Falls and in Boise at On The Border to eat..since stupid Utah doesn't have one....and I got David an order to go. The guy brought out this mammoth sized salsa and chips for me to take home :) We watched movies the rest of the the way home....that is bad isn't it?? for the driver to be watching a movie LOL We got home about 2 am, right back into life...

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