Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A little too much catch-up.....

ok, you know it has been waaay to long since you have blogged when you forget how to log into you blog!

So, tons has happened since the last post...where to begin....

I have been subbing a lot at Sego Lily. It has been really fun. I am constantly amazed by the kids. Watching learning happen in it's raw form, undisturbed. I LOVE unschooling. I remember leaving one day and thinking about those questions that most people ask their kids "what did you do in school today?" I thought about how lucky I was to witness first hand what actually goes on in a Sudbury school. Honestly, it isn't that much different that our home...just way more kids. I have really enjoyed watching the kids that are coming to the summer program that have been in traditional public school come out of their shells and learn to think for themselves. It is truly amazing.

3rd of July was amazing as always :) Great friends, family and food...and of course fireworks!

David, Josh and Mara headed off to the Unitas's on the 4th for backpacking. They had a great time!

My Mom came out for a week and we did so much! I will post pictures. We shopped till we dropped, went to Lagoon, played, ate out tons, and were so happy to see her!!! 2 years between visits is just way too long.

Mara had her first gig at No Brow Coffee. I will post the videos :) She is amazing, truly amazing!

There has been movies, movies and more movies, WOW, water aerobics,sleepover madness, swimming in the pool, music lessons, shopping, buying a car for Aspen, planning for trips, talking a friend across the US as she moves from the South to the Pacific Northwest, knitting 2 purses and a baby gift, and so much more going on. Just life a usual I guess :)

So, I will try to post pictures and videos. I am headed to Oregon for a week tomorrow! Kathy and I will hit the road early and be at the coast by dinner time :) I am dropping her off for some business meetings and then headed to Bend to visit the Alexanders, to Eugene to visit the Hethmons and then back to the coast for some soul revitalization :) Then on Friday I meet back up with Kathy for the Sacred Fire Reunion. We will head back to Utah on Monday. I am so excited I can hardly wait....Willow was packing my suitcase for me! lol. Poor David is in for it. Next week alone holds Drivers Ed every day, School, Dr, dentist and ortho appointments, acting, D and D, and well...all of those ordinary life things you have to do for 4 kids :)...welcome to my world!

So, I am sure I will have photos of my adventure to share when I get back~

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Stephanie said...

Have soooo much fun!!
Totally envious. :)

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