Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sego Lily School Campout

The weekend of May 22-23-34 ish David, Mara and Willow went camping with the school up at Spruces. Josh and I stayed home for some Mom and Son time. They had a blast camping besides the freezing rain that came in the night. Josh and I had tons of fun too. We went with our friends Kathy and Justin to see Terminator and then came back to our house, grabbed food, the dogs and our laptops and header to Kathy's for a sleepover :) We ate tons of food and played WOW into the night.

Burgers for dinner......

Adam acting as a kepo (sp?) since Mara left hers at home :) That cannot feel good! Mara played the guitar and everyone sung around the campfire....

Their abode for the night

A cold and wet wake up :)

Mara's friend Dakota apparently got rained out of his tent in the night and slept on the bus..poor thing

Mara cooked the pancakes for breakfast.....

ok, these pics kind of freak me out a little.....

Till next time...up next, a survival backpacking trip (another one I will skip thank you! lol) The older kids at Sego Lily are headed off for 5 days of surviving on the land...catching fish to eat etc.. Totally David's thing so he gets to go :)

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